My friend Regine.

12 March 2012

Friendship is born at that moment when
one person says to another,
"What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"
- C.S. Lewis

I guess it's really inevitable for two people who share a mutual love for books, shopping, and pretty little things to cross paths and then eventually become friends :) More than five years ago, Rej and I met online and instantly struck up a friendship nurtured via Multiply posts and blog comments. We met in person for the first time on November 2010, and if I'm speaking from a third person point of view, it's amazing to see how two girls can talk that much on their first meeting :)

After more than a year, we were finally able to meet up again! We visited Maginhawa Street yesterday for affordable but yummy food (you know how much I love Maginhawa Street LOL). She graduated from UP Diliman so it also used to be one of her and her friends' regular haunts. Our first stop? Friuli.

Angel hair pasta and Ravioli
Nothing but loooove ♥
And because she has never tasted any milk tea variant from Moonleaf Tea Shop yet, we made sure we visited it as well. It's a pleasant surprise that the place is not crowded on Sundays! I was so glad we were able to get seats inside hehe.

Me and Rej :)
And because we are young are free didn't really want to go home yet after our tummies have had their fill, we made a spontaneous trip to TriNoma ;p

It was a total gabfest from start to finish, but we never got tired of talking! What I like about our friendship is that we are on the same wavelength so we never ran out of stuff to talk about. We did a LOT of catching up, and it was so much fun to look back at our old selves and compare them to the newer "versions" :D She will be leaving the country soon to take post-graduate studies in Australia (on scholarship!) and I couldn't be happier for her! So awesome, smart girl!

It took a while before we were able to arrange another get-together, but when we did it felt like we do this on a regular basis! Don't you just love friendships like that? I share the same kind of friendship with other amazing people I met through the Internet, so let me take this opportunity to profess how much I love the world wide web! You really can meet friends ANYWHERE!

There is little doubt that I am truly blessed with wonderful friends wherever I look. Thank You, Papa God. ♥

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