Definitely Lovin' Summer!

01 March 2012

I have been on a self-imposed shopping ban* since the beginning of the year, so thank the shopping gods for gift cards that come my way ♥

We were given some gift cards during the launch of the Lovin' Summer collection by SM Accessories and since I took the day off from work yesterday (just because it's a Leap Day, and I've always been known to find a cause to celebrate every little occasion/ occurrence) I decided to drop by SM North EDSA to get some summer lovin' in the form of trinkets and pretty little things.

Those of you taking fashion design courses will love my haul!

There was a bit of a sitch at first regarding the gift cards I wanted to use, but in the end I was able to bring these goodies home:

Bright and happy colors!
I know one can never have too many bracelets and rings, but I almost went crazy for a bit because they all looked so pretty and it took all of my willpower to convince myself that I was in the mood for more "practical" stuff yesterday, like the following:

Red sling bag
This is perfect for casual days, lending a pop of color to neutral outfits
The colorful beads look almost good enough to eat!
This is great for when my hair reaches that awkward growing stage
Orange faux snakeskin wallet
I don't know if I got it because the wallet I'm currently using looks better suited to a high school student. Or if I got it because of the many compartments. Or because of the bright, happy color. Or maybe it's just because it looks sooo good with my current nail polish ;D
THE PRINT IS SO PRETTY!!! And I have nothing else to say.
Except that oh yeah, scarves are so versatile and can be used to adorn my hair, my bag, my neck, or my waist.
Orange/ nude belt
This waist belt looks so pretty and fits me perfectly.
Great accent to dresses or long tops.
A load of pretty little things for only a little more than P1,500?! WOW! SM Accessories really is the go-to place for us girls who love scoring pretty finds at a steal! I love everything I got and I can't wait to start using them! Thank you, SM Accessories!

Summer lover here! Are you? ♥

*except for books. My self-imposed shopping bans do not cover books. I know it kinda defeats the purpose of a "shopping ban", but no I couldn't resist the lure of printed words.

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