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09 March 2012

Oh Watsons, one of the happiest places on Earth (at least for me)! Second only to bookstores, this is the store I frequent the most whenever I'm in a mall. Visiting a Watsons branch always makes me happy, what with rows and rows of yummy-smelling body-care products and colorful makeup palettes! I could never leave a branch without buying anything! (And that, my friends, is how you build a lipstick or nail polish collection LOL.)

I really enjoyed the Watsons Beauty Lab held last year so I was really looking forward to the next one. Just imagine my excitement when I received the invite from ARC PR, especially since Patty Laurel will be there as one of the brand's newest ambassadors for their new campaign!

The extra-special event was held in Borough at The Podium last Thursday. Extra-special, because it celebrated both the launch of Watsons Switch & Save campaign AND its 10th anniversary of health and beauty in the Philippines! 10 years of prettifying Filipinas, 275 stores and counting in over 30 cities, serving more than 160,000 customers everyday, and recipient of numerous awards, WOW! Congratulations, Watsons!

Watsons Switch & Save is the beginning of a shopping revolution. Its message is loud and clear: switch to Watsons Label and save so you can splurge on the things you love most. With a vast offering of in-house top-grade products that are significantly cheaper than their expensive branded counter-parts and a trusted name synonymous to quality and affordability, Watsons buries all your shopping woes with this new solution.
At the forefront of the Watsons Switch & Save campaign are four of Manila’s brightest personalities who are themselves avid Watsons shoppers: Socialite-columnist-interior designer Tessa Prieto-Valdes, host-teacher-blogger Patty Laurel, model-entrepreneur-blogger Divine Lee, and model-actor Victor Basa. Each multi-hyphenate knows how to live life to the fullest and truly understands the value of switching and saving. Over yummy pasta and pizza served to us, Patty, Tessa and Victor shared their own experiences with Watsons Label and what they splurge on using the money they have saved when they switched. Thanks to switching and saving, Tessa can indulge in her designer clothes and shoes, Divine can satisfy her penchant for gorgeous handbags, Victor can stay true to his love of gadgets, and Patty can quell her wanderlust and travel the world.

Our loot bags contained Watsons Label products, here they are together with their listed prices so you'll see how insanely affordable and sulit they are!

Shower Gel (1 L, P249, Buy One Take One)
Smoothing Treatment Wax (500 mL, P239, Buy One Take One)
Cool Mint Mouthwash (500 mL, P229, Buy One Take One)
Toothbrush (P59 for two pieces)
Dental Flossers
Soft Tissues (450 pulls, P129 for three boxes)
Cotton Buds
See how easy-on-the-pocket they are? Not to mention their ginormous sizes! The bath products can probably last me more than a month, considering I stay in my apartment only five days a week (and I haven't even finished all the other products given to us at last year's Beauty Lab even after I have given some to my friends!) No one's complaining, though :)

I didn't get to meet Patty personally, but I got something much better! I still feel giddy until now about meeting my favorite editor-in-chief :) I also enjoyed the event with these beautiful ladies:

Liz of Project Vanity, Julia of Bless My Bag, Kira of Elegantly Wasted, Argie of The Beauty Bin, Martha of The Beauty Junkee, Jheng of I Am Brigitte, Alex of Reluctant Stylista, and Shen of Shen's Addictions
Thank you for the photo, Kira :)

Have you switched and saved? What are the things you will splurge on with the money you have saved/ will be saving? For me, I have books, movies, and books about movies on top of my list! ;)

Big thanks to ARC PR for inviting me! ♥

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