We Opened Happiness at the Coca-Cola Big Youth Blowout!

30 January 2012

As promised, here are some photos I was able to take during the Coca-Cola Big Youth Blowout held last Saturday at the TriNoma Activity Center!

Booths were there to serve food and ice-cold Coke :)
Pretty Verniece and my lovely co-Correspondents Alex, Aisa, Cheyser, and Ava
TriNoma was packed with people eager to take part in the fun, and watching last minute rehearsals made us even more excited for the show itself! They also showed three different videos before the program started: The Happiness TruckThe OFW Project, and The 100 Year Old Man's Secret to Happiness. Click on the links to watch them, but make sure to prepare some tissues ;)

We were part of the pre-program, too! Some cameras followed us around as we tried to "act normal" while enjoying the different booths and activities in the venue. I've always said I don't think I am telegenic at all so you could just imagine how hard it was for me not to appear too self-conscious! Some friends who watched the live streaming tweeted and texted me about seeing my face onscreen so that was quite a different experience for me :D

During the pre-program, VJ Chino of MYX asked us to go onstage for a quick chat about our blogs.

Gosh, what a dork :D

In Ed's words, "shy but fabulous girls"
LOL thanks Ed for the photo :)
And then the program started!

VJs Chino and Bianca
Coca-Cola Philippines President Guillermo Aponte welcoming everyone
UE Pep Squad
Philippine All Stars being super awesome
One of the highlights of the event is the Coke X Bench Fashion Show featuring pieces
from the Coca-Cola Originals by Bench collection
The blogging community's very own David Guison and Vern Enciso
They totally worked it!
Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino, Stephen Silva, and my crush David Chua heehee
Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo
After being suspended on a harness mid-air, Joseph Marco also danced with the two girls
Enchong Dee doing somersaults in the air

Flash mob and final walk down the runway! Fun!

Shower of a hundred red and white balloons
... and red and white confetti!
Happiness... Priceless.
Coca-Cola and Bench are iconic brands so it was really a big honor to have been chosen to take part in the grand celebration as a Fashion Correspondent. It's amazing how my passion for writing has opened a lot of different doors and opportunities for me to reach out to more people and hopefully bring inspiration in my own little way ♥

It was also a great privilege to meet and greet:

Mr. Ben Chan
Mr. Robby Carmona
... and David Chua (again) heeheehee
Thank you Coca-Cola! Cheers to more successful years in the Philippines and all around the world! I hope you continue to Open Happiness to more Filipino families here and even abroad.

My fabulous friends also deserve special mention for sharing this unforgettable experience with me :)
Thank you Karlo, Khel, and Eddiibear of course!
Much love ♥
Were you able to see the live streaming? If not, you can still watch the video by going here and clicking the tab at the bottom-right corner! The program starts at 1:12:39 but see us Fashion Correspondents "acting normal" after the 00:55:00 mark! ;)

Here is a quick sneak peek:

Click this link to check out the Coca-Cola Originals by Bench shirt designs!

What a fun and memorable experience! Big thanks to Coca-Cola and Bench! ♥

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