Valero Street just became Fabulous.

02 December 2011

I find it ironic how short hair is much harder to maintain than long hair. I have extra-thick and unmanageable hair that grows quickly (not that I'm complaining) so I need a trim every couple of weeks or so.

I've been too busy to pop into a salon though, thank God for pretty scarves and hair-care products that made my hair look more presentable. But because the Bloggers United bazaar will take place on Saturday and I want to look good for photos, I figured I'd get the chance to go to Resorts World and pay FAB Salon a visit.

Fate had other plans. A couple of days before my intended haircut day, I received an invite from Kira for the opening of FAB Salon's Valero branch!

My last day of November was spent primping and prettifying. What an excellent way to relieve myself of the memories from the previous day's stress!

Just like the beauty boot camp we had in the RW branch, the Valero branch was divided into different stations where we can avail any or all of the following: free haircut, hot oil, blowdry, manicure, foot spa and pedicure :)

I went to the haircut station straightaway :D

Bryan gave me a veeeery relaxing head massage while shampooing my hair, while Charles gave me a trim. I love it! More than their skills (they all went under extensive training by THE Lourd Ramos himself), I love that FAB Salon stylists and employees are so accommodating and friendly. I swear they are the friendliest among all the salons I've been to.

I went with these pretty beauty bloggers:

Martha and Nikki
Here is the updated price list of their services:

Very affordable, yes? I love love love FAB Salon! Come pay them a visit at the ground floor of 139 Corporate Center, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. Contact them at 478-4122 :)

Me and my pretty hair with Gaby Manas, one-half of the father-daughter ownership of the FAB Salon Valero branch
Now I kinda wish I have longer hair so I can also have it permed. Hmmm.


  1. hi, i read that they have RW branch, are they equally good as valero branch for short hair? RW is more accessible for me. i am into short hair too and highlights of course but i've been to a lot of salons already high-end or not and they really can't get the cut i wanted. i am into the cosmopolitan short hair cut like chinese from sg or shanghai do. i'm just hoping to finally find a salon where i can put my loyalty at rest. please advise.

  2. Hi JuRi! I actually like the RW branch more! I got my pixie cut there too and I really liked it, more than the haircut done to me by the stylist in the Valero branch :) Actually, if only I live anywhere near there, that would be my permanent salon. Ask for Sir John! :) Here's my post about the RW branch by the way: 

  3. thanks krissy hope i can make an appointment by tom, really need to get this hair out of my head (well, hopefully not all of it). will definitely look for John. This is exciting! thanks again for being sooo helpful, before i read your blog, i have an appointment already with another salon but seeing your cut, hmmm that's pretty much what i am looking for.

  4. No problem :) I had really long hair before (see my hair's evolution here: but ever since I had a pixie cut I never grew it again LOL. But it took me a loooot of time before I was able to completely decide. I was scared kasi to look like a boy hehe. Other salons I go to are Bench Fix Lab in TriNoma (stylist's name is Pabs) and on the link I posted I was lucky to enjoy Sir Jude of JuRo Salon's services for free. He's the best hairstylist in the Philippines but I really can't afford his rates :D Enjoy and good luck!

  5. omg! looks like 2 diff personas.but you look good with that pixie(hmmm, ok ok i'm biased i really like short hair cut) not that you don't look good with long hair though but short hair definitely suits you better. yeah heard about JuRo as well but you're right, not one of the chosen few who can afford them or else good bye bonus! wish i can show (errr... brag) my new haircut tom. thanks again for indulging me here.

  6. Yeah I wanna see! Do you have a blog too? :) Basta ask for Sir John if you'll go to FAB Salon RW. He cut my hair twice na and I super loved it, at yun nga if it's not too far (I live in Navotas) I would definitely go there every time I need a hair cut. He was also trained by Lourd Ramos, who was trained by Sir Jude :) And no worries, I'm always happy to help :)

  7. ha! wish i have one, only have lazy-man's blog...fb. yes will look for sir john later and i mean later na...can't wait! hmmm your place is way far fr RW nga. what i like the most is that this salon is open till midnight (read from RW website), can go after work not like before when i had to spend my off day just to get my hair done. i am looking forward to finally finding the ONE later.

  8. Ah yeah, they're open until midnight. Perfect din if you'll go to Republiq and you want a quick blowdry before partying hehe. You're in good hands with Sir John. Enjoy! :)

  9. hi krissy!finally had my hair done with John and i must say i finally found the ONE. he listens kasi to what the client want and he doesn't force his way to the customers. grabe i super like my haircut and the service as well. so now i can finally say, my loyalty knows where to go. thanks to John and Ella and of course to you for showing me the light :-)

  10. Oh wow, that's great! I'm happy you liked your haircut and that you found a permanent stylist na! :)

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