Party like it's the end of the world

28 December 2011

Our department had our Christmas party at Dolce Super Club last night and there couldn't be another word to describe how it was but LEGENDARY! I don't think I've ever danced as much as I did last night! It was just great music after great music after great music that it would've been a shame to sit one song out. Besides, the energy in the club was at an all-time high that your body will definitely be swayed to the beat - involuntarily or not! ;)

I actually haven't had any sleep yet as I went straight to the mall yesterday after work to have a haircut (I originally wanted to go to FAB Salon in Resorts World but it's too far, so I went to Bench Fix in TriNoma instead. However they are fully-booked so I almost had a meltdown on Twitter LOL had to look for another salon. Thank you, David's Salon, for coming to my rescue!), then head home for a quick shower and do my makeup, and then finally go to the party! I didn't have any rest after though as I needed to go to work at 6AM today. So yeah, I'm trying to get by on less than two hours' worth of power naps.

But that's okay because it was worth it!

The theme of the party was Gossip Girl. I figured a lot of girls would go in Blair- or Serena-inspired outfits, so I thought I would deviate from my usual girly-girl style and don a Jenny-inspired rockstar look instead.

I did my own makeup :)
Body-con dress | Earrings, clutch, black pantyhose - SM Accessories | Necklace, bangles - Oxygen
Biker jacket - Candies | Mesh booties - PILL
There was a short program and I even got to participate in a mini fashion show LOL. Here are some photos from last night's epicness:

Our VP, Boss Rocky, working it on the DJ's booth...
... and us working it on the dance floor!

With Anne
Mich and me with our boss, TL Carlo
With my former boss, TL Julius

And because a party's not complete without photobooths...

With Boss Gonzo, the boss of my boss ;D

What an insanely fun night! I love HSBC and I love HSBC Direct! And no, this is not the wooziness-due-to-lack-of-sleep talking ;) Even though I didn't know more than half the people there because of our differing schedules, I still had a LOT of fun dancing with people I do know.

We'll have another party on January 7, and this time it'll be for all employees of HSBC-HDPP. My ultimate favorite local band Parokya ni Edgar will perform and I honestly can't wait! The theme will be Las Vegas and my outfit is already prepared LOL, so excited!

2011 is ending in a couple of days and I have yet to do a year-ender post, but last night's party certainly earned a place on the list of my favorite memories from this year ♥

*Thank you Geoffrey Dayrit for images 4, 6, 7, and 8!

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