Eye-treats at the PRIVADO sale

02 December 2011

That's one item on my Christmas wish list crossed out! ^^,

Yesterday I went to the PRIVADO sale in SMDC with my blog-sisters and had a great time checking out the different designer items on sale!

SMDC is not hard to miss.
If you are facing SM Mall of Asia, turn right, this building is just by the intersection :)
I swear my heart skipped a beat when Ana and I entered and saw this!
Ana, Ava, Aie
Ana and I were late (as I came straight from work and she had some Bloggers United-related errands to attend to first) but Ava and Aie accompanied us to the yummy buffet lunch. Check out their carrier bags, they're done with their shopping!

with Tracy now at the ladies' room heehee
After eating, we went down and were greeted by these:

Timeless timepieces and yummy wrist candies!
I checked them out a bit because [random trivia #2,701] I don't have a decent wristwatch. You may have noticed I don't wear a watch on my outfit posts heehee. I just rely on my trusty phone to tell me the time. I had a goal that day, and that is to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. Soooo I lingered here:

As I said on my Christmas wish list, I am leaning on getting a tortoise-shell pair. The very helpful sales assistant took these out for me:

Tortoise-shell galore!
But notice the pink polka-dot shades there, SUPER CUTE, right??!

The sales assistant also took out a tortoise-shell PRADA pair for me to fit, but when I saw the P12,990 price tag, I refused to try it on! I'm scared it would look great on me; I don't have enough funds to cover it and I know my heart will just break haha!

I couldn't resist.
I LOVE polka dots! The pink one is so me!
Can you guess what I chose? :)

As the girls and I were about to go outside to take outfit shots, I pulled Ana to where the shades are, and we tried the Lulu Guinness polka dot pairs.

I KNEW this pink polka dot pair will haunt my dreams and taunt my soul if I let it go so... I ENDED UP BUYING IT, TOO! Please excuse me and my low shopping EQ.

Here are my new eye-candies:

Well hello there, Ray-Ban and Lulu Guinness.
My new tortoise-shell Ray-Ban eyeglasses

Where else can you find Ray-Ban eyeglasses at only P4,990? And because I have an SM Advantage card which entitles shoppers to an additional 20% off, I needed to pay only P3,992! Aaand because SM Accessories gave me P3,000 worth of gift cards, I ended up paying only P992 for my eyeglasses! I LOVE SM! ♥ Now all I have to do is have graded lens fit into it and the world will be a lot clearer for my poor eyes again :)

My new pink and pretty polka dot Lulu Guinness two-tone shades
I woke up this morning expecting to regret my impulse purchase, but I didn't have any! Love at first sight, this one is ♥ Just looking at it now makes me happy already heehee. The tag says P2,490 but because of the SM Advantage 20% discount I paid only P1,992 for this. I can't wait to have contact lens so I can work it with this pair anywhere ♥

The PRIVADO sale will be until this Sunday, December 4 only and most of the pieces are one-off only so HURRY!

PS: The Bloggers United Bazaar part 2 will be held tomorrow! I'll share a booth with Reg, come say hi! :)

Special thanks to SM Accessories and Diane Aquinde for inviting us!

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