I'm a morning person.

21 December 2011

I have been working for HSBC for almost five years now, four years of which have been spent in the morning shift (5AM - 2PM or 6AM to 3PM). I have experienced what it's like to work on a graveyard shift and I don't have any plans of going back. Because of my schedule [and supportive bosses and officemates] I have been able to manage my time efficiently, allowing me to still be able to do a lot of things after work and even attend bloggers' events.

One of the drawbacks to working in the morning shift is feeling a little isolated. You see, there are just two teams of 7-8 people in our schedule and we don't get to meet the other people within our department because they go to work when  we have left already.

But I guess that's a small price to pay, especially when the morning shifters are a lot of fun to be around!

Yesterday we celebrated our Christmas party in My Getaway Place in Don Antonio Drive, Quezon City, and it was so much fun! We rented a Japanese-themed VIP room where we sang and ate to our hearts' content. BIG thanks to Frank for the photos :)

Team Carlo + Team Julius

Stephen, Garri, Frank
Mich, me, Jam
My boss TL Carlo is a cutie, yes? (^^,)
Jam is my Secret Santa!
She customized the wrapping paper with decals AND DIY'd the box! What a labor of love :)
These guys make work a helluva lot easier for me. I love them :)
After the party some of us went to Borge's house for the "after-party" LOL. I got home at around 10:30PM.

Me with Boss Carlo's dog plushie named Max.
He told me he'd also get me one as a gift weeeeh ;D
This is what I wished for and this is what I got: a set of Faber Castell 36 Color Pencils ♥
Perfect for my 2012 planner!
How are your Christmas parties coming along? December is whizzing by so fast, I haven't even had the time to finish wrapping my Christmas presents for everyone!

Speaking of Christmas presents, I guess we are all aware now of what happened to our countrymen in Mindanao who were affected by Typhoon Sendong. It's so devastating to witness the tragedy and loss that befell them. On Friday, Bloggers United will set up a pop-up shop in Moonleaf Tea Shop in Maginhawa, UP Village and all proceeds will go to CDO. You may also drop off donations there. I will be there after I get off work at 3PM and I will bring my officemates with me. Every little helps, so I hope we can all do our share. God bless us all!

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