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21 September 2011

Happy Wednesday, guys! I hope everyone's having a fabulous week! ♥

Allow me a moment of vanity here, will you? ;)

You may remember my visit to FAB Salon when I - with other beauty bloggers - was invited to try out their services last month. After being treated to the ultimate pampering experience, we were also given gift cards so we can avail more of their services aside from the ones that were done to us during the said visit. I decided to give the gift cards to my Mom so, together with my younger sister Kyla, we went there last Monday, and we had a great time! I loved that the staff still remember me and looked really pleased to see us. They welcomed us warmly and were very accommodating. That alone was already worth the two hours' travel time to Resorts World from our house in Navotas! ;D

My Mama wanted to have her hair colored and highlighted, so my sister and I just browsed some magazines and went around Newport Mall while she was having the treatments done. I cannot post "Before" and "After" photos now because I'm just using the computers in our office diner, but maybe I can update this when I get home.

While we were there, Sir John (the stylist who cut my hair during my first visit to the salon) saw me and suggested a haircut. I told him I'm still okay with my current hairstyle but he said it has gotten a bit long already so I just agreed. I was given the most relaxing shampoo and head massage by Charles, and then it was off to the stylist's chair for me. While having my haircut Sir John and I talked about our respective visits to Singapore :) And then, after cutting my hair, I was surprised when he said I do not have to pay for it any more! Wow :)

My Mama was also very pleased with her new hair color and highlights. The treatments done to her cost a total of P2,900 but because of my gift cards we only needed to pay an additional P1,900. Not bad, eh? Especially if the service was that great and personalized, I actually wouldn't mind paying more :) (If you remember the first time I had my hair colored three months ago, I actually paid the same amount, and that was only because I availed of FIX's month-long 50% off promo for color treatments).

By the way, here is a photo of what my hair looks like now after my haircut and the blonde and red highlights I availed during Revlon Professional's Makeover Weekend event last Saturday:

Please excuse my eyes that I had to cover because they looked ready to be eaten by eyebags LOL. Don't you think my "shades" look snazzy? ;D

I really, really love my current hairstyle and hair color/ highlights. I hope the color doesn't fade away anytime soon. Or if it does, maybe I can try blonde and pink next...

I'm sorry if this talk bores you. It's just that if you know me personally, I've never been one to be excited about my hair, and maybe that's because I didn't think it can look this good. Not that I'm saying it's perfect now and it's the most beautiful hair ever, but I hope you get what I mean when you look at old photos of me in this blog... Haha now I'm just embarrassed when I see them and think why the heck I didn't decide to have this hair makeover sooner. Admit it or not, you know I look depressed and older than my age in my old hairstyle (it's too thick, wavy and long!) It's just that, I used to firmly believe that having not-so-beautiful hair is okay so long as I have pretty shoes. I realized just now that it does bring wonders to one's self-esteem :)

Enough talk about my hair. HOW ARE YOU? I hope you're doing great! Only two more days before the weekend, YAYYY! :D

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