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19 December 2011

You already know I LOVE shopping, but one thing you might not know about me is that I used to be a HUGE online shopper. You see, I worked graveyard shifts before and would go home at 2AM. Having nowhere else to go to and no one else to speak with as everyone else was already sleeping, I turned to online shopping. I was completely addicted! I even had a Multiply photo album dedicated to all my online purchases ;D Since I didn't have much time to go to malls before, I loved how easy and convenient the Internet made it for me. Besides, the world wide web is a treasure trove of unique stuff rarely found in shops. I also experienced being scammed by a fake seller, yes, but it didn't put me off this "hobby". If anything, it just made me more wary and discerning of the shops I send my money to. Receiving and opening packages gave me a different kind of buzz, and it wasn't unusual to have delivery guys knock on the door at least thrice a week. It even came to the point when my father threatened to "boil my shoes" if I receive yet another package heehee. But I was clever; I had them delivered to my officemate instead ;)

Moving to the morning shift gave me more time in my hands so my online shopping escapades lessened. It didn't stop me from visiting my favorite online shops though, and would still occasionally make a purchase, especially when it's difficult to find what I like at the malls.

During the recently concluded Bloggers United Bazaar part 2, Multiply was there to lend some support as a partner. What's even cooler was that they let us try out the new and improved Marketplace! They set up a booth there with laptops so we could experience what it's like to shop on the new interface, and we were even given vouchers to use. I was quite busy with my booth but I made sure to drop by their station ♥

Photo taken during the BU bazaar part 2
It took me a while to decide what I really want to get, but I finally chose to get some NYX products I've heard lots of raves about! I chose what I wanted, put in my order with the help of the lady on my right in the photo, got confirmation that the order went through, and then eagerly waited for my parcel to arrive!

It arrived last Tuesday, and I felt again that different kind of buzz only online shopping and opening packages can give me.

Carefully bubble-wrapped by Stephen of The Rainbow Project
TA-DA!! NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Now here are my thoughts about Multiply's new Marketplace:
  • I liked that the migration to the new process has helped avoid scammers and fake sellers through the Multiply Trusted badge. Do you know that all your purchases from sellers with the Trusted badge are covered by Buyer Protection? :) Sellers are not required to get the Trusted badge but it is highly encouraged for them to get it so their sites can be promoted as well. Cool, huh?
  • It has definitely made shopping much easier as all you'll have to do is: create an account, pick out the items you like, add them to your virtual cart, review your virtual cart and add or chuck stuff as you go along, then finally Check Out your purchases. As compared to visiting stores one by one before, this one-stop purchasing process is less complicated.
  • Payment is made easier as well as you only have to make one payment even if you buy from several different sellers.
  • My only gripe is that I didn't get what I originally ordered. I actually wanted the Addis Ababa shade of the Soft Matte Lip Cream, but Stephen contacted me about a week after the bazaar that he got my order and payment confirmation just then so he couldn't give me Addis Ababa anymore as stocks have run out already so he made me choose a different shade instead. I picked Tokyo, which I don't regret because it is GORGEOUS, but I just wish processing would be faster next time.
Did I convince you to try out the new Marketplace yet? Are you still looking for last minute Christmas gifts? Load up your Gcash and Smart Money wallets then, as I'm sure you will find something you like when you visit it. When shopping online on the new Multiply Marketplace, I guess all you have to remember is: Go crazy with the different items on sale, Purchase, Pay, and Wait, anddd Go crazy with your new purchases LOL.

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