04 December 2011

The Bloggers United Bazaar Part 2 held at the Treston International College yesterday was a HUGE success! It's amazing how great the turn-out was considering the event was not advertised through traditional means, instead utilizing just blogs and social networking sites. I salute the power of the Internet!

Big thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth, it was great to meet all of you! I'm happy I was able to clear some space in my closet, thanks to you! Also, feedback about the bags, bag organizers and bag holders I sold have been great so far, I'm glad you enjoyed your purchases!

I wasn't able to take lots of photos because I was busy manning my booth. I also stopped myself from going around too much because, as I kept repeating to myself the whole time, "I'm there to sell, not to buy." Please understand how hard that was for me, especially as I spotted LOTS of pretty items the moment I stepped into Treston's Multi-Purpose Hall :D Here are some photos I did manage to take yesterday:

Welcome, welcome! ♥
My officemate and dear friend Terry. I call her Mommy Terry :)
Her family makes the bags, organizers and holders I sold yesterday so if you want to order more just shoot me an email ;)

I bought two bags from her before and I can attest to how well-made they are!
The printed ones are perfect for casual days (or the beach come summer!) while the satin ones are great for more dressy days.
My Blogger ID with the wired name keychain Ana customized :)
My boothmate Reg! ♥ I tried the leopard-print rain boots she's holding in this pic and they're so pretty!
I am still sooo tempted to buy them!
My Red Mango fro-yo with mochi balls ♥
Using my voucher given by Multiply for on-the-spot shopping! :)
I bought NYX products, can't wait to receive them after 7 days!
With Angel | With Arnie | With Danica | With Kaye
With Belle | With Megann | With Verniece | With Miss Ayet of Accessorize
With Ana | With Denise | With Kookie | With Vern
With Claire | With Peachy | With Jam | With Aisa and Alex
With Denise | With G | With Helga | With Ava and Sarah
With Karl and Thysz | With Tracy | With Tin | With Sarah and Aie
With my Sigaw sister Kaiye
Thank you for supporting the event and my booth! ♥
Also, I wasn't able to get an outfit shot so this is the closest to one I have LOL.
Wired headband - ANAGON | Top - Charlotte Ruse | Shorts - Aeropostale | Purse - Tomato
Polka dot socks - Jellybean | Booties - PILL
That was actually supposed to be my "ingress" outfit. I brought a different dress (with accessories to match) to wear for the bazaar proper but I wasn't able to change anymore. I hope I didn't look too shabby :D

And just in case you were wondering, I didn't succeed in trying to last the whole day without buying anything. Because really, evening clutch bags at Accessorize for only P300 a pop?! That was a GREAT bargain! And I was lucky too, I managed to buy the last remaining piece of a gunmetal purse :)

This would go so well with the outfit I'm planning to wear to our department's Christmas party :)
Special thanks also to the lovely sales assistants at Accessorize for giving me this sheet of pretty, girly 3D stickers ♥
What a perfect ending to one crazy busy week. Congratulations to the BU trio Ana, Aisa and Melai! Big thanks also to the sponsors of Bloggers United Part 2 for helping make this happen! Now I'm REALLY excited for Bloggers United Part 3! ♥

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