Mission accomplished!

15 December 2011

There'll always be a time when you would NEED to watch an action movie.

When things are getting just a little bit too quiet and I feel a wee bit bored, I've found that the adrenalin-rush from watching action-adventure movies always helps in letting me shake things off a little. I experienced just that [and more] when I watched a special screening of Mission: Impossible 4 with my friends.

Held at Glorietta Cinema 6, the special screening was sponsored by Coke Zero. Big thanks to Ed for the tickets! I was able to bring my friends/ officemates Mich and Frank, and my blog-friends Angel and Cisco, France, and Vern and Dondi :)

I won't be posting the synopsis here, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it! I loved all the stunts, and the sequence when Tom Cruise as IMF agent Ethan Hunt scaled the Burj Al-Arab with just a special type of gloves was mind-blowing!

If you're looking for philosophical and thought-provoking movies, it would be better to look elsewhere. Ghost Protocol does not aim to exhaust your brains too much, but it does live to its goal: to entertain. As Brit movie reviewer Chris Tookey said, "No one's going to pretend this movie is deep or meaningful, but, at its best, it really is pretty awesome." Mission accomplished!

What made the movie even more fun is watching it with friends. During a scene that involves a car chase and a sandstorm, Ed and I kept whispering alternate scenes like showing the four Sex and the City girls, Aladdin, and Anne Hathaway as Emma Morley on her bike in that tragic scene from One Day. I want to laugh out loud just remembering those other scenes we imagined haha, but I guess it's one of those you-have-to-be-there-for-it-to-be-funny things :D That, plus the three cupcakes I ate, Tom Cruise's smile, and the Coke Zero I guzzled throughout the movie gave me an adrenalin rush all right - I was wide awake until 2:30AM! I wouldn't even have slept by that time had my Netphone connection continued working. (System updates. Meh.) To think I had work at 6AM :D

A testosterone-filled movie needs something to offset the 'boyish' tone of the night. Here's what I wore:

I LOVE my gray Hello Kitty top! I bought it from the Night Market in the office for - wait for it - P150! I saw it as I was going inside, and even though I didn't mean to buy anything I felt it calling me... So I returned and checked the price. I almost squealed when I saw the tag! I mean, it would be a shame to leave it there, unwanted and oh-so-cute! Right? So long story short I got it and it looks great on me and I love it to bits! Even when I don't particularly like Hello Kitty heehee.

I hope you're all having a great week so far! I certainly am (^^,) If you're feeling stressed, go and see M:I 4 and feel that stress dissipate! 

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