Whiten Up with Gluta-C!

13 December 2011

I was invited to a pampering session sponsored by Gluta-C at the beginning of this month but I wasn't able to go because I already said yes to another event. Too bad I missed it, reading my blog friends' accounts of what happened made me jealous LOL. It turns out I didn't need to feel bad though, because the people behind the event were kind enough to send me Gluta-C products I can try! Thanks, Gluta-C! ♥

Early Christmas gift :)
To be honest, I don't really aim to have whiter skin because I love my skin color as it is. Buuut given the chance, who would say no to fairer and healthier skin? Certainly not me! I was able to read up on the benefits of using Gluta-C and it made me pretty excited to use these instead of my usual beauty regimen. Gluta-C (combined "power" of Glutathione and Vitamin C) says, "intense whitening with multiple anti-aging benefits bring your skin to its maximum whitening potential!" Let's take a closer look at the products and what Gluta-C has to say about them:

CLEANSE Start off with a clean face and body by bathing with Gluta-C Face & Body Soap to extract dirt, oil, and other skin impurities without stripping off skin's natural moisture. It's best to use lukewarm water since both hot and cold water can cause damage to your skin.
TONE Use Gluta-C Toner Spritz to remove all remaining traces of oil, make up, and dirt left behind after cleansing. This will also help minimize pores and oil production. Essential to keeping skin clean, gentle toners with plant-based ingredients can combat skin concerns such as blemishes, fine lines and redness. Toners with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C can also help protect skin from wrinkle-causing free radicals.

MOISTURIZE and PROTECT While skin is still damp, apply Gluta-C Facial Day Cream on your face and Gluta-C Body Moisturizer generously on the whole body. Both the Gluta-C Facial Day Cream and Body Moisturizer provide SPF25 sunscreen protection so they not only whiten the skin but also protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. And because the skin is always exposed to damaging factors caused by our lifestyle, food consumption and the environment, re-hydrating is very important to keep it healthy. Before bedtime, smooth on Gluta-C Night Facial Serum on face and neck to repair and revitalize skin while you sleep. This water-based formula reduces fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and scars. Topical collagen and seaweed extract moisturize and regain the skin's elasticity and suppleness, guaranteeing lighter and firmer appearance.
I really, really, really hope these products can do something about the nasty scars on my left leg. I will be using these starting tonight so that I can post a more in-depth review here. Watch out for that ;)


  1. bisa minta daftar harganya

  2. ok lang ba gumamit nito kahit may acne ka?


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