09 December 2011

This gift couldn't have come at a better time.

After hitting the Publish button on this post yesterday, I went on my challenging journey back to my apartment. Challenging, because of the rain and "holidaze" traffic that surely did not improve what I was feeling. I went home still feeling really upset, but after getting a very sweet phone call from my most precious friend Ed, I started to feel a bit better. I then opened the package handed in to me by my friend and neighbor Mich's mom that arrived while I was out, and saw these goodies from Bed Head:

Urban Antidotes: Recovery
RECOVERY is the second in three lines of Urban Antidotes products (the other two are Re-energize and Resurrection) specifically formulated to serve different purposes,depending on our varying levels of hair needs

Perfect for: Dry, damaged tresses that need a moisture hit
Beneficial Ingredient: Turbo hydration molecules boost softness and shine

Recovery promises to: cleanse, condition and thicken hair; smooth cuticle; detangle; maintain moisture balance for hair coping with changing environmental conditions; protect from thermal and combing damage; add anti-static and shine properties; and help support color retention.

Last night, still feeling a bit upset, I did what I love doing (aside from writing) to help me clear my mind. I took a shower. I shampooed and conditioned my hair using my new Bed Head products and I don't know if it's the yummy smell or the giddiness I felt when I realized how easy it is to run my fingers on my hair now, but I really felt much, much better ♥

It's funny how the blurb on the bottles actually says, "Dramatically improve your hair's health for an all-night recovery party!" How very apt indeed ^^,

I've already tried the Bed Head StyleShots Extreme Straight shampoo and conditioner and while I loved how it lessened the frizz and made my hair smell great, it didn't make my hair as soft and manageable as Urban Antidotes Recovery shampoo and conditioner did - which is pretty understandable, given that moisture is this duo's main thrust. I guess now you know which shampoo and conditioner bottles I would be reaching for more ;)

Thank you Bed Head for this early Christmas gift!

Want your own Christmas gift from Bed Head, too? You're in luck, they're actually giving out an iPad and lots of TIGI products!


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