Swimming in Shoes

16 May 2012

Alternatively titled: My Kind of Trip!

Before I went on my solo roadtrip to Tagaytay to follow my officemates for our teambuilding last week, I went on a little roadtrip with my fashionista friends! I almost didn't go because the thought of going out of town on my own scared me, but the invite was too cool to pass up!

And I had a really great time, I didn't even mind that I rode a cramped non-aircon bus for a three-hour trip (in a long dress and heels) after. Here are the things we did:

We gathered at the Cookbook Kitchen in Eastwood Mall for lunch
where I had the CBK Chicken
and a slice of red velvet cheesecake.
Piece of heaven, I tell ya.
After having our fill, we went to VNC where some of us who got the "Don't say goodbye to summer just yet!" placecards got to choose their own pair of shoes from the Summer Collection.
While they were choosing what to get, I roamed around the shop and took a few snaps of the shoes I liked.

After we've had our first fill of shoe-gasm, we walked to The Little Things She Needs where we were greeted by
A Fuzzy Little Garden collection
and walls
and endless racks
upon endless racks
of shoes!
I got this card, which meant I could choose any pair I liked
I had a hard time choosing, but finally decided on the pair I liked most :)
The surprises didn't end there! We were led outside, where a coaster was waiting for us to bring us to our next pitstop
and I felt like one of the contestants from Miss Universe or America's Next Top Model heehee.
The coaster was filled with animal sounds from all of us vying to win the "Guess from what movie?" contest, but the Oink team won.
At The Flat Shop, we were treated like luau queens.
The mango shake was perfect ♥
I couldn't resist ;p
We feasted our eyes on these candy brights from TKEES and D'Boy,
Anthologie flats,
Palladium boots (which are not really my style, but I found myself liking),
and more D'Boys/
We posed for more photos. Lots and lots of photos.
So you should view the album here :)
Here's my loot.
Would you like to see what's inside?
New heels from The Little Things She Needs,
rubber Down Boy flipflops from The Flat Shop,
and foldable FlexFlop from The Flat Shop as my prize for being the early bird :)
Thank you so much, VNC Paradigm Image! I had such a great time, it was totally worth the three hours I spent travelling to Tagaytay. And of course, I looooove my new shoes and slippers :) 


  1. Really like those pedi flip flops :)

  2. had a great time with you, girls! thanks again, krissy for guiding me with the cab ride!

  3. naiiyak na ko..... i miss shopping in the philippines!!! shoes galore... next time, i'm not holding back. hahaha!

  4. You looked like a contestant too! =) Such a fun trip...woth the 3 hours with no a/c.

  5. That looks like the most amazing trip. A shoe trips with girls = fun.

    I love the Alice in Wonderland shoes :)


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