Excited to see Mike Wazowski!

28 June 2013

Time is zooming by so fast, I can't believe it's almost the end of the first half of 2013 already! Where did all those months and weeks and days go?

It's only been a few days since I saw one of the movies I was most excited about, and now, this. Almost a year ago I shared how excited I was to see Monsters University. Monsters, Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie and Mike Wazowski is one of my favorite Pixar characters that I even bought a pillow and ottoman with his face on (along with the Aliens from Pizza Planet of the Toy Story trilogy - I just love silly-looking creatures!) so I was thrilled when I learned that he will be the star of this prequel. 

Yesterday my officemates Rica and Far went with me to Krispy Kreme because I wanted one of those Mike Wazowski doughnuts. It turns out you can't buy them per piece; you can only get them in boxes of 8 or 12. I only wanted one so I got the Dark Choco Vanilla Cookie Butter doughnut instead. No regrets as it was so gooood! You should try it. ;) Anyway, even without the Monsters doughnut, we still got a photo with Mike and Sully hee.

Far, Rica, and me
And when I asked how much they were selling the Monsters U flag for, they gave it to me for free!
It now "guards" my little fort  on the only neat corner of my office desk  together with other cherished gifts from friends: the Starbucks Singapore tumbler  from Nashe, a mini nautical chest from Ed, and my banner from Meream.
Almost a year of waiting, and I'm finally going to see the movie tomorrow with my Seventeen Sigaw sister Belle!

Also, this is a terrible segue LOL, but I just want to share some of the newest products and gifts sent to me to try lately.

I got a concealer, BB cream, lipstick, and bottles of nail polish from Hayan Korea. I have started using them and I will share reviews soon. Watch out for another giveaway sponsored by them also ;) In the meantime, please visit their Facebook page to check out their stuff. They have a LOT, and they're all really inexpensive!
That "I love being a girl" feeling when your nails and lips match perfectly.
I am using Wet 'n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Pinkerbell and Caronia nail polish in Posh here.
I have more Caronia goodies from their event that I went to last Wednesday night. More photos and details about what the event was about soon, together with the contents of this super pretty POP box!
Canary Cosmetics also sent me something new to try plus a special gift! Can you guess what this box contains? Check out their Facebook page to see what stuff they carry ;) Also, for what it's worth, they, hands down, win Best Online Shopping Packaging! I really love the way it's packed!
So there. This is going to be a really busy weekend for me (get-together with friends tomorrow and my grandma's birthday celebration on Sunday) but I don't mind because I will be with some of my favorite people in the world! How about you, any special plans? :)

PS: My Palette Pursuit giveaway ends on July 30! Have you joined yet?


  1. I love that Caronia Goodie Box. I also saw other designs from other bloggers that make me wish I have one too. Lol!
    I am getting my kids Krispy Kreme donuts with Monsters Inc. Character design tomorrow and surely they will also love the movie. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tapos Despicable Me next! It's good to take a break from the adult stuff for a few hours, I think I'm going to drag mg husband din to watch Monsters Inc soon :-)

  3. Wheeee so excited! Hope you and your kids enjoy the movie, too! :D

  4. Yes! Despicable Me 2 next week! :D

  5. I love the Dark Choco Vanilla Cookie Butter doughnut too! It's not overly sweet like some of their doughnuts with filling. I might try the other variety on Monday. Lagi akong late sa mga uso. Haha!


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