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22 February 2010

In this era of text messages, IMs, emails and tweets, it seems like we have already forgotten the art of writing letters. As opposed to composing a quick email or a short PM, creating a handwritten letter takes real effort. From choosing the right stationery and pen, to writing what you want to say and to making sure that you are able to get your point across using correct grammar and spelling (it's not like you can enable Spell Checker and/ or just press Backspace anytime, right?), and then sealing the envelope, everything is done meticulously and carefully. These days, letters have become a novelty.

I have always loved writing letters. The first letter I ever wrote was when I was in Kindergarten. The moment I learned how to string words into phrases and then sentences, I asked for the help of one of my aunts and composed a letter for my friend and classmate Joan. I will never forget what I wrote in my letter - I asked her why we have the same last name (Cruz), are we sisters separated at birth? :D

This love for writing letters did not cease. I remember writing letters for my classmates (even though we see each other at school everyday) and then posting them. You see, my father works for the Post Office so I didn't have any problems having them sent. If anything, I was even more encouraged, especially when I received letters from them as well. It even became more prevalent in high school. United in teenage angst and with teenage hormones rising, all of us sent each other notes and letters all the time. There were Valentine letters, Christmas letters, reconciliation letters, love letters, and my favorite - just because letters. I collected more letters in my senior year than the four years I was in college :D

I am saddened by the fact that I lost all the letters sent to me from when I was young up until year 2001, when a big fire razed our house down together with all our belongings. It is never too late to begin collecting them again, though. I have saved every letter (and every note passed in class, plus Post-Its from when I was in college) after that in a big box of memories, and whenever I get sad and PMS-y I just dig through that box and read away.

some of my most treasured notes and letters

the guestbook I made for my Pink Positive-themed birthday party last year
I had my guests write a letter for me inside. Mwahaha narcissist much? :D

I also have a couple of notebooks and an open journal where I ask my friends to write in. I tell them it's better for me to hear my eulogy now in case I won't be able to go to my funeral and listen to them say good things about me LOL!

And of course, I am happy that my blogfriends have shared this forgotten art with me (even though it is just too easy to just leave a note in each others' blogs. Ü)

Postcard from Nashe^ and Christmas cards from Kym and Nikolett!

A very pretty apron and handwritten note by Meream
This deserves a separate blog entry; the only reason that has kept me from blogging it before now is because I haven't cooked a single recipe yet wearing this, as I still don't know how to cook anything besides noodles until now x_x

And, when I arrived at my parents' house this afternoon, this was waiting for me:

a package from Ireland! Ejannz oh Ejannz! :D

I opened it, and I was sooo touched I shed a single tear (did I ever tell you I am a big crybaby? I even cried while watching Pink Panther x_x).

A sweet, sweet postcard, Irish chocolates, and a keyring with a clover (which is super perfect as I always accidentally forget my keys)

Thank you so much Ejann! You have made my day week (as I have been feeling an overdue case of PMS)! :D

P.S. Let it be known that I do not oppose Facebook and all these methods of instant communication that modern times has brought. Fast, easy and reliable (and cheap!), what's not to like? I am just saying it's always a pleasant surprise to receive a handwritten note (and a bit more special than if receiving their digital counterparts) and I am sure you all agree with me. :)


  1. I super agree! I also wrote a bunch of vDay cards last week and sent them to people! It was so therapeutic. Now I'm really happy because of that!

    Yay for your letters and package and if it were me, I'd cry, too! I super love receiving postcards din hehe. <3

    Sorry about losing your other letters, though. *hugs*

  2. Ejannz is awesome hahah :D i love packages :)

  3. I'm bad about writing letters--I can't remember the last time I wrote one. I do write notes inside birthday cards and also a handful of xmas cards.

    I used to have a box of letters I'd gotten, but now mysteriously the one ones in there are from my wife when we were dating. I think Hurricane Wifey (I stole this from "Hurricane Blair") may have accidentally destroyed the others. =)

    Happy Monday, Krissy!

  4. I personally immersed myself in the net so much, it's hard to write a letter to me. But it certainly has a special touch. Maybe I should write one to my girl, hehe.

    Anyway, it's rumored on the Internets, that Ejann is an Irish Santa, hehe. She's the best, isn't she? ;)

  5. that is so sweet krissy. i love packages a lot. and i agree about handwritten letters. it's more heartfelt than just an e-mail or something.


  6. WOW! The post office must be doing a great job this week. I also got goodies from Slovakia.Ü I'm glad that there are still people who value hand-written and mailed letters. I find it very sweet ☀..☮..✮..♥..✈

  7. I also love it when I get packages; the Air21 guy thinks we're best friends actually. Haha. Let it be known that this is not an added pressure for you to find the 12 book. :D Really, no pressure at all. The boyfriend got enough Pugad Baboy to last him a year anyway. Hahaha

  8. Awwh, I'm totally with you on that :) I have a big box underneath my bed in a drawer full of notes from high school and the like. And back in the day, me and my friends had this huge book we would share every week and write notes :)

    Yay for snail-mail! You'll be getting something from me soon, hopefully! Yipee! :)

  9. By the way, I've left an award for you at my blog :) Annnd I don't think it's narcissistic to do a book like that, it's your birthday <3

  10. i love letters too! ) i remember my bestfriend in elementary. we used to send each other letters :)

  11. @ Ejannz: That's fine! I popped it into the ref, and I'm sure it'll be fine in no time! Thank you again so, so much! You're so sweeeet! :)

    @ Teeyah: Now I am inspired to go to bookstores and scour for pretty stationery :)

    @ Andhari: She really is! :)

    @ Rick: Nyahaha, LOL at "accidentally"! You and your wife are the cutest :D

    @ Nino: Oh you should definitely write Lily a traditional love letter! I'm sure she will love it :) And yes, Ejannz is the best, Irish Santa indeed! :)

    @ Betz: Definitely! :)

    @ Russ: They really are :)

    @ Meream: I swear I shall not fail in this quest! :D

    @ Nikolett: I actually thought the package was from you! Sneaky Ejannz! :D Now I'm even more excited weeeeeeh! And thanks for the award Nikolettbaby! :)

    @ Belle: Letters from friends are the best :)

  12. i've always collected letters and notes! when i was younger, my best friend (now sister in law) and i would write notes to each other while we're sitting down. We'd just exchange notebooks and write to each other. haha! diba nga, i still have "love notes" from 5th grade!? It's just so much fun to look back on them. Sorry to hear you lost a bunch of your letters. Stuff can be replaced, but memories can't :(

  13. awww lovely package! heh yeah I miss not keeping some of the notes I wrote with my friends back in highschool as well

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  15. @ Kym: I still can't get over the fact you are now sisters-in-law with your bestfriend, that's so cool! And sweet :) Kaya nga eh, I started from scratch uli :)

    @ Pop Champagne: It's never too late to start again! :)

  16. I'm like you...I love writing letters. I also love choosing cards and envelopes and nice papers. I love that apron. What a cute gift!

  17. @ Duni: It really is, Meream is very nice, and a really skilled crafter :) I'm glad I am able to know crafters through blogging as it is one of my waterloos :)


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