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10 October 2012

I remember wanting a pet dog or cat or rabbit so badly when I was a kid. I wanted it so bad that I pestered begged my parents endlessly for one. One day my father brought home a cute puppy that he adopted from a friend - I was so happy! Unfortunately it triggered an asthma attack to both my brother and sister that my father had to return the puppy the next day. No four-legged friend has entered our house since, although we took care of a martinez (a black bird that looks like a myna) and a turtle.

We named the martinez Koji. (Maybe I got my love for alliterations from my parents: I was named Kris, my brother is Ken, my sisters are Kim and Kyla.) We got such a kick out of it whenever he talks even though he had such a high-pitched and annoying voice haha. We doted on him so much. Sadly we found him in his cage one day, cold and lifeless after being sickly for two days. In retrospect it was all for the best, as we lost our house and all our belongings in a big fire just a couple of months after he died. Could you imagine him jumping around in his cage, wildly terrified while everything around is burning? That would've been heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, our pet turtle was named Kong. (Kong Pagong, get it?) He was actually my mother's as she adopted him after finding him wandering in the market. After asking around for who might have lost a pet turtle, she took him home. He was so devoted to her that when my mom had to stay at the hospital for an operation he refused to eat even when my grandma tried to feed him. When we had our house fixed she took him to the local pet store so he can have somewhere nice to stay, but when she returned for him the pet store owner said they lost him. Wow. For all I know they sold him to someone else. We don't know where Kong is now, but I pray he's being taken care of.

When I moved out of my parents' house, I assembled an aquarium with the help of my former housemate. I had different kinds of goldfish and angel fish but unfortunately they all died after just a couple of days. I didn't know if it was me or I was doing something wrong, so I stopped for a while. I assembled another aquarium with Dane, and this time I took care of dragonfins that I named Aziraphale and Anathema (nickname Yin and Yang heehee). Great news, they actually survived! They were my constant companion since I was almost always alone at my old apartment and I always felt comforted seeing them swimming there in peace. When my old flatmate left, I had to look somewhere else to live and unfortunately I couldn't take my fishies with me. Dane adopted them and right now I don't know if they're still alive or whatever because we've stopped talking to each other. I just hope they're okay.

I've always loved pets that even my Sims had pets. I am actually thinking of taking care of new pets now and after reading Kira's blog about her hermit crabs, I felt like I also want to take in two or three of them. I am still thinking it through though because I know it is a big responsibility and I want to be able to fully commit to it once I've decided.

For the meantime, I am glad there are ways that can help me do my part in contributing to worthwhile causes for our furry friends.

It's not laziness, it's called cat nap shirt from SM Kids' Fashion X PAWS
SM Kids’ Fashion has partnered with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to provide basic necessities such as food and shelter to rescued animals, as well as medical treatments following a disease or trauma due to neglect. JusTees, one of SM Kids’ beloved brands, features several designs that any pet-loving family will surely love. A portion of the sales automatically goes to PAWS to ensure that the organization can continuously care for their rescues. From cute animal prints to statement tees, these shirts send out a message of love to our less fortunate furry friends.
They are also perfect Christmas gifts for kids! Here are the other designs you can choose from:

Lounging feline pose fail

Special thanks to SM Kids, PAWS, and ARC PR for contacting me to take part in this campaign.

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