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30 October 2012

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."
 Helena Rubinstein

One of job's perks is being able to experience cool things I normally wouldn't have been able to. Case in point: for events I would usually do my own make-up (primer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and blush) and be done 15 minutes tops. But as part of the firm who organizes the Style Series in Prive, my make-up last Thursday was also done by the Make Up For Ever team when they did the models'. After all, we are representing the company so it only follows that we had to look good that night - or much better than we usually do, anyway ;)

They set up a temporary vanity area in one side of the club and immediately got down to business.

So many gorgeous colors and foreign-looking (at least to me) make-up tools!

It was also great to see them convening on which products to use after being shown the models' peg for the night (near-nude eyes and face + deep berry or plum lips). Meanwhile, us ARC ladies were given normal party-ready looks.

Pat working on Nikki
... and then on Shamee while our graphic artist Far looks on.
Models for the night Patricia and Shamee, after having their make-up done
I loved that the MUA Kristel Matias asked the color and style of my dress before did my make-up so she can determine what color palette she would use.

My Before and After photos
The products Kristel used (all from Make Up For Ever, of course!):
Cleanser - Cool Lotion
Face Primer - HD Primer (White)
Concealer - Undereye Corrector
Foundation - Mat Velvet #35 and #40
Eyebrow - Eyebrow Corrector #2
Contour - Sculpting Kit #2
Blush - Eyeshadow she didn't know what number, though
Eye Primer - Lift Concealer #3
Eyeshadow - four different shades but no numbers indicated
Lipliner - Aqua Lip 2C
Lipstick - Lipstick Palette No.6, #220
Compact Foundation - Mat Duo Powder #205 (Face) and #203 (Under eye)
Setting Spray - Mist & Fix

Wow, that's a LOT! It's a good thing she was there to help me as I (even after being an avid reader of beauty blogs for years now) wouldn't have been able to know where to put which!

Ooh, she also used falsies on me!
It's my first time to wear them! It felt kinda weird at first but I got used to them after a while.
Two Kristels :)
You may visit her Facebook page here or email her at
Make-up artists that day: Pat, Kristel, and Mary Ann
Once the photos of the models are up, I'll be including the link here so you can see more of the their works in action.

If I have the moolah, I'll have a MUA come and do my make-up for every event I will be going to in the future haha. Special thanks to ARC PR and Make Up For Ever!


  1. Kristel did good on your makeup --- nothing over the top! i Love how she focused on getting your brows worked up to perfectly frame your face.

    Do you remember if she mixed Mat Velvet 35 and 40 to get that base colour? 

  2. Hi Argie! Yes, I lalalove what she did to my brows.

    Regarding your question. Umm I have no idea. But I sent her a message na, will update this post once I get her response. Thanks! :)

  3. In my opinion and from what I have seen, Kristel Matias is the best MUA in the Philippines. She is the standard that all MUA's strive to be!

    I am a professional photographer with 30 years of experience living in Hong Kong.


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