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"This could be the end of everything, so why don't we go somewhere only we know?"

All bands sound different when you hear them live. The only difference with English alternative-rock band Keane is that they sound better.

It has been two days and I am still on a high.

I had mixed emotions that night: awe because of Keane, despair and disgust because of our stupid government over this stupid law, and worry because I'm broke haha. Nonetheless, having my dream of hearing Somewhere Only We Know live come true just felt so surreal and magical and all kinds of amazing. It was perfect. 

With Paul, Sarah, Ana and Niche.
Big thanks to Niche for our tickets!
After the concert I slept over at Sarah's house where she, Dennis, and I talked more about how awesome the experience was while Keane's songs play at the background. We also listened to Stereophonics and Aqualung - while they had beers and I, a cup of hot choco - before I retired for the night a little past 1 o'clock. Thanks for letting me sleep over, Madam Sarah. :)

For those not familiar with Keane's music, here is a playlist for you. You're welcome.


Anagon said…
still on a high din over here!!!!

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