25 October 2012

The weather's gloomy and my schedule's crazy, but I thought I'd leave a quick post here.

Yesterday I attended an event wherein we were asked to wear pink. I couldn't find a pink dress in my closet and I didn't want to buy a new one, so I decided to work with what I have. Here is what I wore:

White eyelet dress - 168 Mall | Pink jacket - Next Jeans | Floral belt - Bugis, Singapore
Headband - EGG | Floral wedges - Parisian

I've seen several variations of the white eyelet dress in high street stores and malls, but would you believe I got it from a stall in 168 Mall for only P150? I miss that place, I haven't been there for more than two years now but I'm hoping to go back for more work clothes. (Might be a good idea to wait until after Christmas though, as the place tends to be really packed.) Aside from the dirt-cheap price, it's one of my favorite dresses because it's so versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. As for the pink jacket, I've had it since college and I hope it would not ever give up on (i.e. because of wear and tear) because it's my favorite jacket. A lot of people (like my aunt, for example) have asked for it already but no, the jacket's mine (^_^)

The bracelets are fairly hidden, but I'm wearing my pink Hollywood and Archie 'n Friends charm bracelets here. Charm bracelets make me happy.

This pair got so many compliments, I should wear it more often. I got it from Parisian and you may find the original post here. It's sooo pretty and the best thing about it is that my feet didn't hurt even after wearing it the whole day at the office and at the event I went to after. More details about that pinkilicious event on my next post ;)

It's a long weekend but I doubt I would enjoy it that much because I'm laden with work and other commitments. I'm not complaining though. I have so many stories and cool finds to share and I can't wait to post them all here. See you when I see you! ♥


  1. you are so pretty ate krissy. ilove the pink blazer and also your shoes:) xxx

  2. you are so cute. i love what you came up with in your outfit! i love pink. and your shoes are gorgeous! i love wedges! i love floral! i love everything about your outfit! 

    take care :)

    ~ melissa

  3. oh by the way that was me who just commented --->

    just so you know :)


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