Disconnect and connect.

15 October 2012

I just came back from my friend Dianne's family's farm in Nueva Ecija and it is one of the most relaxing weekends I've ever had. From the moment I stepped out of the office last Friday to meet my friends at the bus terminal, I decided I would just relax the whole time so I purposely didn't turn my data connection on. It was a total disconnect from all of my social networking sites and it felt great not to feel compelled to check my Twitter and Facebook feeds just because I was worried that I might miss something. And oh hey, upon my return I confirmed that the world didn't stop turning and I still like playing Chefville :)

We played games, traveled for another two hours to go to a resort that utilizes spring water from the mountains, ate fresh food, had a birthday surprise for our friend Ric, went to the farm and took photos with carabaos, we laughed. A lot. I also might have had a little too much to drink but I don't know because I can't remember.

One eensy-weensy regret I might have is not taking photos with my camera. With my 'total disconnect' rule this weekend came the decision to not be in the lookout for photos I can use for my blog when I re-tell how amazing my weekend has been and just be. You know, live in the moment and all that jazz. After all, in order for me to have an interesting blog, I must first have an interesting life that doesn't just revolve around this site :) I kept my camera in my bag the whole time and decided to just borrow photos from my friends. Right now, my friends are all sleeping in their respective houses but I cannot do the same because I am still bursting with stories and song, thus this post.

Here is one of us walking through a shallow stream that I managed to get from my friend Jer's phone earlier:

These guys are my closest and oldest friends.
They're crazy and I love them.
In order to connect, one must learn to disconnect even for a while. Thank God for true friendships and weekends that never seem to end. I am happy, I am grateful.


  1. Amen Krissy!  That sounds wonderful.

  2. Ahhh..the dilemma of chronicling our lives vs actually-living it...I understand Krissy! :) Hope you feel that you made the right decision though..to keep your camera in your bag...that's what's important. No regrets! :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend away! I know what you mean about disconnecting, when i go on vacation, at first i'm sad that I can't fb/tweet my adventures as they happen but in the end, i realize i was able to enjoy more because i didn't spend half my time updating statuses on my phone :P 

  4. I agree! It's great that we can Instagram photos we're in instantly, but they shouldn't be the be-all and end-all of our travels ;D

  5. Hi Ate! I loooooove your new header :) Anyway, congrats for surviving without the internet or whatever. I just hope you took a lot photos to share with us. But good thing you enjoyed :)


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