If only I had the hair to style this way.

28 October 2012

It is human nature to want what one doesn't have. Such an appropriate and relevant thing to say because while in the event I am going to talk to you about, I suddenly missed my long hair that I think I might grow it again this time.

Last Wednesday I went to a Pink Box party that promised an end to bad hair days. It is one of my favorite events I've been to in a while because a. it was a PINK party and b. it was held in my favorite restaurant Aria Cucina Italiana.

If heaven really looks like the idea of heaven presented in the movie What Dreams May Come, THIS is what my heaven would look like: pink and with lots of girly and frilly touches!

After filling ourselves up with delicious Italian food (Juvy, my favorite waitress there even prepared a special Rucola pizza for me by putting pine nuts and arugula on slices of Four Cheese Pizza ♥) the Pink Box team presented a quick demo on how to use their newest hair weapons: the Donut Bun and the Hair Puff (don't you think they sound yummy?)

One of my frustrations in life is not being able to do this hairstyle (#meandmyproblems). I just think it's such a quick and easy way to look chic; all you need is a swipe of red lipstick and you're good to go! This is perfect for relaxed days like when running errands or even for more formal and dressy events - just pair with an LBD and pearls a la Audrey Hepburn. I've never been able to put my hair up in a bun even when it was longer because it's too thick, so everything falls off the tie before I've even finished doing it. Hopefully the Donut Bun will make the job easier for me.

Now this, this is something I can manage, I just need a couple more inches of hair. I love how it easily adds a certain flair to your look. I wish my hair grows longer soon so I can give this hairstyle a try!

Both the Donut Bun and Hair Puff come in different sizes so you can find which suits your outfit and mood for the day or your hair length.

After the demo, it was time for us to try it for ourselves.

The Pink Box team passed baskets of hair goodies around and the girl who came up with the best look using either the Donut Bun or Hair Puff went home with a full-length mirror with compartment for accessories inside! Spoiler alert: I did not win haha.

Blogger love all around! Momma Sarah helping Ana :)
My seatmate Carizza :)
In the end, Kim won. I don't have photos, but no one could have competed with the intricate way she did her hair. Some other snaps of pretty faces all around:

Phoebe and Kira
Bambi and Kira
With Paul
I love these two beautiful ladies! ♥
With Pink Box's Brand Consultant Liz
Thanks for inviting me! ♥
Another bonus of the day --- while on our way to BHS, I read off Twitter that my blog-friend Mimai was also in the restaurant adjacent to Aria so I immediately sent her a text. We've been meaning to go out again after our belated birthdate but our schedules wouldn't meet, so I was really glad to see her!

Photo grabbed from her.
Can't wait to hang out again really soon, Mimai!
I really had a great time. Now I'm praying to the hair gods to make my hair longer faster so I can rock new hairstyles soon ♥

Keeping these in storage for the meantime ;)
Ladies, these would also make excellent gifts for your girl friends! ♥ For more details about Pink Box's products and branches, Like their Facebook page.


  1. Thanks for taking our photos, Krissy! Too bad I forgot my cam at home. 

  2. Pink Box has a lot of cute things! Most of them overpriced, though :)

  3. i like ur outfit! soo femme. cute hair stuff from PinkBox, gonna check them out.

  4. you look so chic in that outfit! sayang you cant use the donut pa, buti na lang they have other stuff inside the box. cute accessories!

  5. Aww. Pinkbox is the best. They have the coolest and cutest thing you could put in your hair :O


  6. You look fab! I really love your outfit! Oh and yes, you are right,Pinkbox has a lot of cutesie stuff which would make for perfect presents for your closest girlies. =)


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