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Let the weekend that has passed be known as the weekend I went to a party for two consecutive nights.

On Thursday, I went to Prive with my officemates for the Style Series featuring NTICE. The firm I work for has handled several installments of the Style Series already but it was my first time to go to one. I was not really required by my bosses but I just wanted to go to support.

NTICE is all about being laidback, relaxed, and having that just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Here is what I wore:

Dress - bazaar | Lace gloves - SM Department Store | Earrings, bangles - SM Accessories
Belt - ForMe | Shoes - Rajo! for Parisian

I was given a makeover by Make Up For Ever earlier in the night, and I'll share with you more photos about that on my next post. Now I know I didn't exactly look like I just rolled out of bed, but I wanted to put in a little more effort that night as I haven't been in a club in a while. I regret nothing ;)

On Friday, I went to Republiq for the final leg of the Miss Sixty and Energie Jeans party nights. I guess it's safe to announce now that I was chosen to be one of the influencers of the brand, so you'll be seeing more of me in Miss Sixty garb very soon.

I wanted to look a bit edgy yet still girly that night, so this is what I wore:

Dress - Oxygen | Accessories - SM Accessories | Tights - Leg Love by Kate Torralba
Shoes - Rajo! for Parisian

Yes, I wore my TAO boots (which I lovingly refer to as my Batman/ Catwoman shoes) to both nights. I love how they look so dangerous yet my feet stayed comfortable on them throughout the night, considering I am no longer used to wearing heels. I. LOVE. IT.

With fellow influencers Ana, Arnie, and Kelly
I actually didn't party party during these two nights as I wasn't really in the mood, but it's nice to dress up every once in a while. I did realize that partying is not really my thing, though. My friends have also been inviting me to different Halloween parties but I have not committed to anything because I don't feel like going. I just want to stay home and rest... Shucks, I must be getting old.

How about you, going (or have gone) to any interesting Halloween parties lately?

Photo credits: Luther Abcede for photos from Prive and Arnie Villanueva for the photos from Miss Sixty


Mish Rendon said…
Love those shoes! <3
tynnnah said…

Hi Krissy,

we will be
having a masquerade ball this Decc in Republiq, would you know if the allow
dress of these kind? yung parang me nude na illusion?



http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2012RTW-MARCHESA/#12Please help :)-xoxo-http://www.senyoritalakwachera.com/

krissy said…
Hi Tynnnah, that's so cool! I love masquerade balls and those dresses look great! :) I believe you can wear dresses like those in Republiq, so long as you don't wear slippers because slippers are absolutely not allowed (but I don't think you won't slippers with a dress like that, anyway hehe). Also, don't forget to bring a valid ID. Enjoy the ball! :)
tynnnah said…
Hi Krissy, thank you so much for the information. The
place and the theme really excite me and I am creating my own dress. I don't
want to be kicked out after all the efforts.

btw, been a year since I started following your blog and I haven't said this yet
- and galing mo. I love how you put those words together - it touches me to the
deepest (as in my emotion flows while reading your friends story and getting married
at the hospital and passing away - you never know how much agony I had from
just reading - but it was a wonderful story). More power to your blog.
tynnnah said…
**of getting married
tynnnah said…
**getting married ;)
krissy said…
Wow, thanks so much Tynnnah, that really means a lot! I don't realize the things I write have such an impact to other people, but being an aspiring writer those comments really make me happy :) Regarding Poly's story, she was such a great friend to me that I feel I really need to tell her story the best way I could. I love her so much and I still think of her and miss her every day, but I have accepted that she is in a better place now.

And it's so cool that you're making your own dress! I wish I know how to do that, it would've saved me a lot of money! :D Don't forget to bring an ID when you go to Republiq! Enjoy! :)

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