What a beautiful afternoon with Watsons!

14 August 2011

Last Tuesday, I was part of a select group of bloggers and beauty editors invited to attend the Watsons Beauty Lab event held at M Cafe in Greenbelt. It was indeed a beauty-filled event where we were served yummy food, presented Watsons' newest bath and beauty products, and even got to try them out first-hand!

I was too shy at first because I didn't really know anyone except for Miss Phoebe. Good thing Vern arrived after about ten minutes!

My plate: pumpkin soup, mixed veggies, vegetable tempura, and jasmine fried rice
Chocolate creme brulee
I am seriously craving for this right now.
I know almost everyone will agree with me when I say Watsons is one of the happiest places for us girls ♥ I can wander around their aisles for hours, thrilled with the many new surprises at every turn. Whether it be a new lipstick, haircare products, or a new bottle of nail polish, I can never leave without buying at least one item. That's why I got so giddy when I found out that Watsons has introduced more new products into the local beauty scene!

The main presentations covered were about BB Creams, make-up removers, and the new H Bella bath and body care line. I will write more in-depth posts about these new products together with reviews so please watch out for them. Krissy as a beauty blogger, who would've thought? ;)

I don't know if I've already said it here, but the main reason why I transferred to Blogspot after blogging in Multiply for so long is because I got inspired by the different beauty blogs I found before while "researching" how to apply my own makeup without looking like I've been punched in the face. ;D You can just imagine how the little fan-girl in me was screaming with glee when I met some of them in person during the event.

With Miss Phoebe
With Shen
With Miss Denise of Watsons
With seatmate Vern
I don't know why - maybe it was because of the topics, or the people asked to attend, or just the whole vibe of the place - but I wanted to come across as "mature" in the event yet still chic, so I wore this:

Dress - Candie's | Peeptoe wedges - Chelsea | Bag - Tomato
Now prepare for a barrage of photos. I wasn't able to go to the gym last week, but carrying these bags from Makati to my apartment in Quezon City served as my workout. All these came from Watsons:

Do you see what I see? Lots and lots of goodies!
BB Creams:
Purederm Magic BB Cream with Skin Conditioning effect (P699.00)
Gluta & Placenta BB Cream by Glorious Skin (P169.00)
Dream Girl Faith BB Cream
Pure Beauty UV White Sun Protection Compact
Instant White cream by Glorious Skin
Facial cleansers and makeup removers:
Cleanser & Toner in One | Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser | Fresh Touch Facial Cleanser
Dove Foaming Makeup Remover (P359.00)
Pure Beauty: Perfect Cleansing Liquid, Perfect Cleansing Oil, Perfect Cleansing Water
What excited me most is the H Bella Bath and Body Care because I was able to smell how gooood they felt. Here I have the Rose & Mixed Berries (my favorite), Strawberry & Cinnamon, and Pomegranate & Ginger.

Protect & Nourish body lotions
Purity & Renew body polishes
Protect & Repair body butters
Protect & Nourish hand creams
Random items:
Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry or Advanced (P75.00)
Deo sprays, Deo powder, Deo roll-on, Deo mineral sticks
Etude House Dry Sauna Special Kit
Skin Protec hand sanitizer
These hand sanitizers with bag tags are so popular nowadays that almost everyone has one.
Watsons put their own twist onto it by putting UAAP universities' logo and slogan.
Sad that my own university (PLM) was not included LOL.
I have already tried some of them and I'm so excited to share my thoughts with you guys (I especially like the Rose & Mixed Berries line from H Bella!). I promise to work on them after the craziness of preparing for the Philippine Fashion Ball. I will be bringing some of these to the hotel room I have booked with my Fashion Compass girl Ana so I am expecting a fun, girly slumber party after the ball :)

Big thanks to Watsons and Miss Jenny and Gerick of ARC for inviting me! ♥

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