Robots in Trouble!

Because love comes in different forms, in different packages.
Also, ask and it will be given to you. ♥

Mr. Postman knocked on the door and delivered this today:

Love all the way from Las Vegas!
Thank you Abby!
I still can't believe I now have my own cutesy adorable Minion! If you remember, I was totally obsessed with the movie Despicable Me. At first no one wanted was available to watch it with me, and then I ended up watching it at the cinema twice in two days! I remember saying then that I want my own Minion. For Christmas, Dane got me the DVD

which came with a free Minion keychain ^^,
And theeeen, Abby made a blog-post about opening a new shop selling felt plushies and included a photo of a Minion she made for a friend. I was the first one to comment, and I quote, "Ohmygosh I really, really, really want a Minion!!! :D" Well, I guess the extra two exclamation points paid off as Abby sent me a message telling me she'll send me my own baby. Isn't that the sweetest?

Gah it's so cute! And I love how she even attached a pin on the back so I can easily attach it to my clothes or bag. Abby warned me it may try to steal my stuff though, so it is currently kept safe in my makeup box. He can play with my lipsticks if he wants ;)

I am one happy Minion Mommy ^^,
Everyone, please visit Abby's store Robots in Trouble NOW! She has other cute plushies for sale like pandas, penguins and elephants, and you can also request for customized items. They're also very affordable, perfect gift to your girl friends, chums, and siblings! Plus, she's having a Grand Opening Sale so make sure to pay her shop a visit, mmmkay? Everything is guaranteed handmade with love ♥

PS: You all know how I love naming my stuff (my phone is called Aristotle, my netbook Lady Fabrize, my camera  Lady Mirabou, and I have plushies named Archuleta the Octopus, Kriket the Starfish, and Merly the Merlion), but I haven't thought of a name for this critter yet. Care to suggest one? :)

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