I love gloves, I'm a hopeless case.

12 February 2012

For me, one of the best things about being a girl is getting the chance to dress up and go all out when situations call for it. I rarely get glammed up to go out, but when I do, you bet I pull out all the stops!

I love different types of accessories, but recently I've noticed that I might have developed an obsession with - wait for it - gloves. I have collected quite a few already! I have full satin ones, I have fingerless elbow-length satin ones, black mesh, knitted jersey fingerless gloves, and two lace gloves which are completely identical! And the reason why I have two pairs of the same kind? I forgot the first one at my apartment and I felt compelled to buy again LOL.

From a Victorian Valentine cosplay party I attended three years ago
Black Swan | Gossip Girl | Fashion Correspondent | Las Vegas
I love how the gloves really polished the look and completed my outfits. They also add an unexpected twist to the overall look, methinks. Definitely adds the "extra" in extraordinary ;)

My gloves-fashion inspiration?

The Queen of Pop herself, Madonna
I saw this article online recently that speculates the reason why Madonna keeps on wearing gloves is to cover her veiny hands brought by working out excessively. Well, veiny hands or not, you can't deny that the lady totally rocks her gloves! Just look at her Golden Globes outfit - simply divine!

Now I gotta go find me some leather fingerless gloves... Argh I've been trying to find a pair for more than a month now!

Are you obsessed with a particular fashion item? Spill! ;)

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