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I'm beach-y and I know it.

It has been raining in Manila all week but I refuse to let it dampen my spirits!

Yesterday I traveled the long journey from Navotas to Bonifacio High Street to attend the press luncheon of the newest restaurant to hit the metro. I really can't say no to Italian food ;p I will reveal the name of this restaurant and share with you the culinary experience we enjoyed on a future post so watch out for it!

Let me tell you a clue though: this restaurant is very famous in Boracay, so it's no surprise that the invite asked us to wear clothes in "colors of the beach". Here's what I wore:

White asymmetrical top - F&H | Yellow maxi skirt - 168 | Sandals - Grendha
Is that beach-y or what? I guess I got a little too inspired ;D As you may have noticed (from the number of times I've posted photos of myself wearing it haha), the white F&H asymmetrical top is one of my favorites because it's so versatile that I can easily dress it up or down. It used to hang a little loose on me, but now it fits me snugly and perfectly. As for the yellow maxi skirt (that can also be converted into a dress), would you believe it's only the second time I wore it ever since I bought it two years ago? The only other time I wore it was when we went to Vigan. I think I got scared of how bright it looks LOL.

Perfect accent
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind necklace from Anagon
Not seen in the photos are my turquoise earrings I got from Lucban and my canvas bag with wood-nymph print.

I didn't get to finish the luncheon because I needed to run to the office for a meeting with our VP. Traffic jams and the rain didn't cooperate so I was a little late for the meeting, but I still made it! After the meeting I headed straight to TriNoma to meet my girls Poly and Mich for videoke and dinner. Despite the scary rain, I actually got to accomplish a lot yesterday without needing to change clothes but still looking and feeling (and, as Mich noticed, smelling) fresh. ;)

Can summer come a little bit faster? I can't wait to go to the beach again for some sun, sand, and sea!

PS: Thank you Kira for taking my photos! ♥


Meream said…
Eeep now the song (your blog title inspiration)is stuck in my head! :p

Also, I shall email you my address. I cannot say no to stickers. Haha!
Gelianne Alba said…
love your skirt! feels so summery!

cute blog you've got here. :)

from your newest follower,

Unknown said…
It's been raining here a lot too! At least your summer comes sooner than ours! haha! You and your Italian food!!! :P Next year we'll be back, plan out our restaurant schedule na! :P
Roma is Love said…
i didn't notice the yellow..what I did see though were those striking, stand out, cute dimples of yours. haha. i love italian pizza also!

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