Of friends, shirts, and happiness

11 February 2012

Happiness is being blessed with true friendships that stay strong despite the odds. Friends come and friends go, but when you find someone special you'll know. I had a lot of fun catching up with my closest friends last night in an ultimate food-trip that lasted 'til 3AM. Can't believe we've known each other for about 17 years! We practically grew up together! We're planning an out-of-town trip on the first weekend of March and I'm so excited! :)

You know what would be cool-but-also-kinda-cheesy? Showing up on our out-of-town trip in themed outfits! We actually have plans to have customized shirts made, but I don't know what happened to those plans anymore LOL. Now if only I had the moolah, I would definitely get shirts for all 13 (yep, we're a big tightly-knit group of awesome people!) of us from the Coca-Cola Originals Collection by Bench!

Classic designs from the merging of two tried and tested brands! What could be a better tribute to friendships that have lasted through the years, right? Just look at these shirts worn by the Coca-Cola Happiness Ambassadors Enchong Dee, Joseph Marco, Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo, and see what I mean:

I saw these shirts being modeled at the runway at the recently concluded Coca-Cola Big Youth Blowout, ad I'm telling ya, all the shirts look great! It's difficult to choose which one/s to buy! I am quite drawn to the black-and-white striped shirt worn by Julia, though. The Coca-Cola Originals Collection has been available at all Bench stores nationwide since the first day of February so I am crossing my fingers the designs I like are still available when I drop by TriNoma this week!

This collaboration is actually in celebration of Coca-Cola's 100 years here in the Philippines. I've heard some other great plans Coca-Cola has in store for us but everything's still hush-hush at the moment so I'm going to shut up now heehee. Let's talk about something else: the first ever Coca-Cola Happiness President!

Meet Caloy, Coca-Cola's President for Happiness.
I haven't met him personally yet but I hope I'd get the chance to one of these days. Just imagine what a great honor and privilege it is to represent the Filipino youth and be appointed to spread happiness! Having been chosen to embody the nation's undying spirit of optimism and zest for life, he will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to work hand in hand with the iconic brand as it gives back to a country it cherishes sincerely :)

So many ways of opening happiness, yet it's just the second month of the year. I can't wait to experience all the other surprises Coca-Cola has in store for us! Ituloy ang happiness!

PS: To my barkada, I'm serious about the shirt! Let's all get one each? :)

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