Fit and fab the Fitnesse way.

25 February 2012

The best thing about attending events is experiencing and learning new things! When I got an invite from Nestle Fitnesse, I said yes straightaway because it involves something I would really like to try: ZUMBA! It was held last Thursday at the Top of the Citi, Citybank Tower and it's definitely one of the most fun events I've attended :)

Thank God for supportive officemates, I was able to move my schedule around so I didn't have to go to work that day. I woke up early, had a heavy breakfast at McDo, then met Ana in Makati so we can go to the venue together.

This healthy buffet table featuring the three variants of Nestle Fitnesse (Low Fat Whole Wheat, Honey & Almond, and Fitnesse & Fruit) welcomed us.
It was so much fun choosing among different toppings like cashews, almonds, walnuts, raisins, and other fruits :)
Random fact about me: I don't put milk on my cereal. I've never tried it and I don't know why. I guess I just don't like soggy cereal? I eat my cereal chips-style heehee. But since I was in a "Yes Man" mood that day, I went ahead and tried it.

And I liked it!
The event was hosted by the ever-effervescent Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and her jokes and stories are just so funny!

I love her Zumba outfit :)
Tessa Prieto-Valdes interviewing Nestle's Joi de Jesus and JP Bayangos onstage
And then it was time to work out!

Julie, Kristie, and Gino led the members of the press and online media to the Zumba moves!
Happy endorphins!
Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired fitness program that lets participants sweat it out without getting bored, thanks to the fusion of samba, salsa, chacha, and even Bollywood and hip-hop moves all set to funky Latin and other modern music. The first song we Zumba'd to is Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel :) I am not a great dancer but I found the moves really easy to follow! Zumba also works out all areas of the body, perfect for those who would like to shed a few pounds! I actually have a friend who lost so much weight just by busting Zumba moves! This is also a great workout for those who just sit in the office all day. Better keep those joints lubricated if you don't want arthritis to affect you in your latter years!

These Zumba sticks are great for adding resistance, maximizing the calorie-burning experience.
I guess this is also why people enroll to gym memberships even when they can get expensive - working out feels so much better when it is shared! After an hour of strutting, spinning, shimmying and shaking, we were given mist sprays and towels to cool down. Plus points to the organizers for thinking everything through ;)

I love the natural blush working out gives :)
Our lunch was prepared by Chef Jessie, and it's great that she incorporated Nestle Fitnesse cereals as healthier substitute to our meals' ingredients.

Nestle Fitnesse & Fruits with Mesclun Greens
In raspberry vinaigrette dressing
Baked Whole Wheat Crusted Chicken Supreme
In chimichurri sauce served with steamed vegetables in season
Mango Yoghurt Cheesecake
With Nestle Fitnesse Honey & Almond crust
Shared our table with these lovely people
I was able to have a photo taken with Julia.
She also teaches Plana Forma. Just look at those arms! She also showed us her abs, and they're unbelievable!
Our goodie bags contained boxes of the three variants of Nestle Fitnesse cereals and Nestle Low Fat milk.
I think I will try doing the 14-day program!

The 14-day program is a meal plan that lets you enjoy the crispy-brown sweetness of the Nestle Fitnesse cereal in replacement of your usual breakfast and dinner. To achieve variety in terms of nutrients, mix it with your favorite fruits and vegetables. Lunch should be a balanced meal consisting of vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and dairy. Complement the meal plan with nutritious snacks like fruits or yogurt. After the 14-day program, maintenance is key. People who regularly consume foods made with whole grain like Nestle Fitnesse tend to have healthier body weight.

And while you're at it, why not combine the right diet with Zumba as your energetic workout? I haven't been able to visit our office gym as much I'd like to but I exercise at home everyday. I do sit-ups, leg exercises, jumping jacks, and half-and-full pumpings, and now I love that I can include Zumba in my daily routine!

We were all given our own iPod Shuffles that contain songs we Zumba'd to!
I got a pink one :)
Now I could just put my earphones on and strut, spin, shimmy and shake at the privacy of my apartment.
It's more fun with friends, though! So, take a chance to experience the Nestle Fitnesse way by attending the Nestle Fitnesse Shape Up Night! featuring Zumba Fitness party. The biggest Zumba Fitness event in the country will be held on March 31, 6PM at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Expect to strut, spin, shimmy and shake with the help of Manila's top Zumba Fitness instructors and enjoy nutritious servings of Nestle Fitnesse cereals. To gain free access to the events, guests just need to present a proof of purchase of any Nestle Fitnesse variant and present it at the entrance. You could also purchase at the event.

It's almost summer! That could only mean sand, sun, and sea! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely preparing myself for bikini season as early as now ♥

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