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05 February 2012

We all know how a pop of color can add the perfect accent to an outfit, be it on clothes, accessories, nails, or lips. I have lots of pink and coral lipsticks in my stash but only one in red, given to me by a very good friend. I don't know if it's just me, but there's just something so intimidating about buying red lipsticks.

I took the plunge last week (LOL trust me to make everything sound dramatic) when I got the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Cherry Tart

Revlon promises buttery balm + shiny color
I first tried it on at the makeup counter in Landmark, and I loved it so much I went back for it the next day. 

I took the following photos this afternoon using my 2mp SMART Netphone beside a window with plenty of natural daylight. I didn't have any makeup on aside from the Lip Butter and powder. No editing or lightening done :)

Bare lips
While applying the Lip Butter
After one swipe of the Lip Butter
Cherry Tart on my lips
The color is actually more vibrant and shimmery in person, without going over the top.
My camera cannot show how red it really looked like, but I love this photo ♥
I love how it stays true to its promise of keeping my lips buttery-soft and smooth without compromising on the color! I've tried some lipsticks that had great color pay-off but left my lips parched and peeling after just a couple of hours, while some lip balms made me look pale and sickly. Yay for this product that offers the best of both worlds! Plus points for the pretty packaging that instantly tells you what shade it is, but I just wish the cap was easier to pop open. I want to get more colors, but at P575 the price can be quite steep. Still cheaper than a lot of other brands, though. Staying power is great, too, at 3-4 hours. It's the lipcolor I used during the Coke event last week and I managed to get through the busy day with minimal retouching ;)

I've kept my other lipsticks in my traincase because it's the one I've been [ab]using this past week. With the rate I'm going, I might have to buy a new one before the end of the month! Perfect shade for Valentine's, methinks, if only I have a date haha. 

I'm happy to tell you I've gotten over my emo-phase brought about by last week's series of unfortunate events.
This is my happy face wishing you all PEACE, LOVE, and LIP BUTTERS! ♥
PS: This is not a sponsored post.

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