Where do I belong? Where do I fit in?

22 February 2012

This is a story some of you might have heard a lot of times before, and before you react, no. This is not an emo pseudo-existential post. I've always loved writing. Always. Even when I was still studying I collected notebooks and kept journals for different purposes, and until now I still scribble short quips in them. Three years, seven blog URLs, and at least five different blogging platforms later, I finally stuck to one I really liked ♥ 

At a recent blogger's event, someone asked me what "niche" I belong to, and I realized I've also been mulling over the same question for quite a while now. I added my blog to the Fashion/ Beauty category in Philippine Top Blogs, but I don't really know if it's really my niche.

Unlike top fashion bloggers, I don't post too many outfit photos here. I love clothes and bags and shoes and accessories, but to be honest I only dress up when I go to events. During normal days I am just in my trusted jeans-top-comfy sandals combo, and I really can't be bothered to post photos of them here because if I do then you guys might think I'm an endorser of jeans heehee. 

Unlike beauty bloggers, I don't really get to post that many beauty articles here aside from my tales about my salon experiences, thanks to my short hair (which is harder to maintain than when I had long hair). In fact, the only cosmetics review that comes to mind is when I posted about this amazing Lip Butter. I would LOVE to post more cosmetics reviews - especially those of products I love using - but I don't have a decent camera that can capture how amazing make-up can transform one's look :D I've also found how difficult it is to post about make-up, so much respect to beauty bloggers!

More than anything else, I love posting short lengthy anecdotes about my life sprinkled with personal epiphanies every now and then. I admit that I might have gotten carried away and over-shared a few times; some of them have even landed me in trouble in the past. There are also some posts that might be better off removed, forgotten, and never brought up again. Looking back though, I still don't want to delete them because no matter what I feel for the issues now, what I felt before while writing those posts were real and no one can take those from me.


So, where do I fit in? LOL I don't really know and frankly, I don't care. I just love sharing pretty little things. I get invited to fashion events, I get invited to beauty events. I even get invited to food-tasting events! Maybe it's good that I don't try to fit in one particular category so long as I write with integrity and credibility. And with passion, of course. All I know is that I love what I'm doing and at the end of the day, that's what really matters. Having people who enjoy the things I post here is just the yummy icing on top of this delectable cake. I'm not a hypocrite and say I don't care what others think about my blogging style. Of course I do care! If not, I wouldn't even be writing here now and will just enjoy the privacy my journals give. If not, I wouldn't be changing my blog layout every other week because I'm afraid the previous one looks cluttered (by the way, how do you like my current layout?) I just want to thank you guys for sticking around even if my blog may suffer identity issues sometimes ♥

PS: I'm going to a health and fitness-event tomorrow and we're going to do Zumba! So excited! Hope you're enjoying your week, too! ;)

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