Black Swan-esque and fuchsia lips.

23 January 2011

HSBC-GSC Manila's Annual Party - the event I have been excited about for the last few weeks - was held last night at the World Trade Center with the theme The Occasion: You! We were all asked to come in our best black rave party outfits, and after much deliberation and many trips to different malls here is what I wore:

My Black Swan-inspired outfit ♥
Photo was taken inside the ladies' room hee
I did my own makeup. Not bad for a makeup newbie, eh?
I love love love my Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Fuchsia
I didn't get a pixie cut anymore, instead I just styled my hair the way Victoria Beckham did hers as shown here.
The back part of my top is made up of just lace.
Photo by my friend Frank
The hosts of the evening were the DJs of Boys NightOut Slick Rick, Tony-Tony and Sam YG. Bands from the GSC and Girlz Ink entertained the audience with their performances, but it was local band Kamikazee who brought the house down! Their vocalist Jay is so energetic and funny! :D

I've always said that the only thing I'm excited for in events like this is the looking-for-the-perfect-outfit and dressing-up part. I am not that excited on the party itself as I'm not really a fan of night-outs and clubbing. Buuut, this party proved to be a verrry enjoyable experience for me!

What follows is a pic-spam of photos from the event. Please don't get sick of my face? :D

Just to give you an idea of how many people came :)
The tallest guy is TL Julius, my former team leader who I consider as a mentor :)
Also in the photo are Ali, Asther, Ruther, Leanne, and Garri
With photographer extraordinaire and traveller-at-heart Hazel
Mojito ♥
Open bar
With our Manager for Operations, Boss Gonzo
With my very talented photographer-friend Frank
Mich and me with Eian
I did Mich's makeup! Isn't she pretty? ^^,
With Dane
With my super friend Mich
Jay of Kamikazee ^^,
I love, love, loved last night! I'm not being superficial when I say I'm glad I was able to source the things I needed in order to wear the outfit I really wanted to wear. Some of my officemates tease me that I'm stressing myself too much over something that will happen only once. But the fact that it happens only once a year is kinda the point why we have to make sure we'll look fabulous, right? They also say that there won't be anyone there I will have to dress up for anyway (seeing as how I've been single for a while now) but I always counter-quip that I don't dress up aiming to please someone else. I've always dressed up for myself, not for other people. Now if other people like what I wear, then thank you, you have great taste LOLJK. I got lots of compliments last night which I really appreciate. It always feels great to see your efforts are noticed, yes? That being said, I haven't felt this pretty in a while. What a difference a tube of fuchsia lipstick makes!

Black swarovski headband : made by my Mama
Lace top : NY Square (SM Dept Store)
Crucifix Layered Necklace : Anagon
Black tutu : Genevieve Gozum
Corset belt : YRYS
Zebra chain-link purse : Naf Naf
Lace gloves : borrowed from my friend Dewi
Black stockings : been hidden in my closet for the last four years(?)
Mesh stiletto boots : PILL at The Ramp
Ssshhh, let me tell you a secret: I was wearing a black bubble skirt inside my tutu to make it more poufy ^^,

I still can't decide what I like most: my fuchsia lips, my shoes, or my tutu. All I know is that we worked last night's Party! Yay for new friends, fuchsia-colored lips and pretty boots!

And then morning came, and we all turned into pumpkins. ;D

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