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And at last I see the light.

This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for so long, I almost forgot about it! o.0

I think some of you will be glad to know I finally crossed off one item that has been in my Christmas wish lists since forever (including last year's) - contact lens! At long last, I took a leap of faith and did it, and I couldn't be happier! LOL I just wish I did this earlier ;D

I got these from an optical shop in SM North EDSA but I wouldn't tell you anymore because it would be like free advertising for them and I don't want to give them that because they gave me the worst customer service ever.
I got three pairs of Air Optix contacts (good for three months for each pair) for P2,500,
Solo Care solution, and Aquify eye lubricant.
The solution already contains a free antibacterial lens-container.
Aside from suffering from near-sightedness, I also have astigmatism so I couldn't go for very long without wearing my eyeglasses. As I have shared before, I've worn glasses since I was eight years old and I couldn't live without it. I am practically blind! If you're wondering how that's like, well, imagine watching a 3D movie without 3D glasses on. Everything just meshes into one big ball of blurry mess.

I first used it on our department's Christmas party. It felt uncomfortable at first but I'm used to it now. I had troubles putting them on during the first few times, and don't get me started on my attempts to take them out; I was honestly too scared I would pop my eyes out! But after around five times I am proud to say I have already become quite a pro ;)

I bring the solution, eye lubricant, antibacterial case, hand mirror, and alcohol whenever I have my contacts on.
Everything is packed neatly in this mesh pouch given by FAB Salon :) 
As the pairs I got are only good for three months, I decided to use them sparingly and still wear my glasses everyday in the office and during casual days. I just think it's great that I now have the option of wearing my contacts when I attend events and other social functions. Now I won't have to squint and pretend I see people when I need to take my glasses off for vanity's sake heehee.

This only means one thing. I could finally rock eyeshadows!

Of course I would still want to get a LASIK treatment. Someday, someday ♥

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