Bloggers United: Indie Fridays

22 February 2012

No plans this coming Friday? Read on ;)

From the makers of the hit Bloggers United Bazaar, Bloggers United is back with a special project this 2012 - INDIE FRIDAYS

It is an event that aims to provide a platform for independent and promising young individuals in the field of fashion, music and film to showcase their gift and creativity. 

The social media community is teeming with undiscovered talents and we at Bloggers United would like to give them exposure outside the world wide web for a moment to truly shine or simply vent out their passion for their craft.

Fridays at Ponticello will never be the same as we transform it to a multimedia hub where all artists and social media mavens can converge, network and jump start a possible shot at their desired industry. Every last day of the week is a possible mix of various fields as we provide a venue for:

1) Youtube artists or starting musicians to play for live audience
2) Budding designers and fashion entrepreneurs to launch their line
3) Indie filmmakers to display their videos or short films
4) Photographers and stylists to exhibit their portfolio


Sounds cool, yes? Also, if you are starting out in film, music, or fashion yourself and would want to be involved in upcoming editions of Indie Fridays, let us know and the BU team might just be able to help you out ;)

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