Victorian Valentine II

03 March 2009

I was finally able to upload the photos from the Victorian Valentine party! I was supposed to post them last week but forgetful me left the memory card at the apartment when I went home =[

Anyway, the pictures were from the event I blogged about in my last post (which seems like ages ago!). I attended a Victorian Valentine party with my college bestfriend Recks and her boyfriend Ryan and sister Michelle.

The ambiance was very nice and apt, with good lighting, beautiful and ornate furniture and lots of rose petals strewn everywhere. There was even a string quartet! There was a Human Auction (with the proceeds going to the Philippine Red Cross), tarot reading (I wanted to have my fortune read but I was too lazy to fall in line haha!), poetry reading, ballet dance number, photo booth, and a ball. We were served cupcakes, bread sticks and red wine. There was even a chocolate fountain and candy sprinkles and rice crispies.

I spent more than half the night ogling at other people's costumes. People really do spend for these stuff! It was my first time to attend a cosplay event so I was amazed at the effort enthusiasts put in in creating elaborate and very detailed costumes.

Okay, enough talk. Here is what I wore!

I wore a long black backless satin gown, accessorized with black strappy heels. black satin 'finger-less' gloves, black satin rose bag, red feather boa, black/ red fascinator, black rose ring, swarovski earrings, and the black necklace I made.

The black pearl/ chain necklace I made especially for this occasion This is probably my favorite part of my outfit. This and the satin gloves. Ü

I did my own makeup. This is my waterloo, my Achilles' heel, if you may =D

We look like covers of the Twilight saga. from left to right: Michelle - Twilight Krissy - New Moon Ryan - Breaking Dawn Recks - Eclipse

I just love this photo.
Taken by Michelle.

All balls had to end though. Recks dropped me off at McDonalds in QC where Dane was already waiting for me. We just stopped by a Burger King drive thru and then he took me home.

At the Burger King drive thru

Cinderella all-smiles after the ball.
Oh wait, I love Jasmine more. I'll be Jasmine.
Jasmine all-smiles after the ball haha! Ö

I had so much fun! All in all this was indeed a night to remember Ü

More photos here ♥♥


  1. you look nice! lookslike a great time there! So sophisticated.

  2. thanks andhari! i had such a great and memorable time Ü

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love your look. Everything looks so wonderful.


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