I could never make a song as beautiful as you.

14 February 2012

'Tis the season to be cheesy! Sharing with you guys one of my favorite songs from my favorite local band Parokya ni Edgar. This one is called How To Make a Love Song. Go on and listen ♥

And when the chorus comes, I must come up with something clever
'Coz for you it's just a love song but for me it's now or never. 
And though I tried my best to make it beautiful and true,
I could never make a song as beautiful as you.

I love how the lyrics are so simple yet very heartfelt. Listening to this song always brings back happy and giddy memories of a romance's early days. The rush you feel when you see your beloved. The spark in your eyes. That moment when that someone catches you looking, just because he or she looked at you too. That blush. That nervous fumbling. That rush when your fingers touch. That one special smile reserved only for your heart's desire. The excitement of first kisses, and all those kisses thereafter... Are you thinking of a specific person while reading this? :)

I love how my quest for The One hasn't left me feeling bitter about this day even when Cupid seemed to have dealt me with some unlucky cards. Oh well, I know I will not stop looking for him. I guess it's nice to believe he's out there, looking for me as well. Or maybe I've met him already, we just don't know it yet? :)

Now I must go and watch my ultimate favorite movie of all time - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

PS: It's also my Papa's birthday today! His name is Valentino. Isn't that cute? ;)

PPS: Would you like to help Cupid with my match? Do you know a straight single guy who smells nice and likes movies and books? Would you like to introduce us to each other? Heehee.

PPPS: I'm not joking :D

Whether or not your heart has found its match yet, I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
Hitched or forever alone, may we find ways to celebrate love every. single. day. ♥ 

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