One summer day with a fellow April girl

19 April 2011

After months of planning a second meet-up, I finally saw my blog-turned-to-real life friend Mimai again! Since both of us celebrate our birthdays this month (mine was on the 6th, hers is on the 24th), we figured a birthdate is in order! The Manila heat and humidity cannot stop us! ;)

Meet Mimai!
I find it really nice that yesterday was only the second time we saw each other in person (the first time being back in August last year where she brought me to Cubao X and taught me how to thrift-shop) yet it felt like we've been friends forever! Before we met in person we've actually been blogfriends for only a couple of weeks prior; she left a message in my cbox, I visited her site, then BAM! we're friends! :)

Because she has a knack for bringing me to places I've never been to before, she brought me to a quaint little place in Vito Cruz called Noriter Cafe. I fell in love with the place straight-away!

Adorable counter! The menu is written on blackboard with colored chalk :)
It's the little touches that add to the over-all charm of this cafe ♥
Walking into this cafe feels like being transported to the set of a Korean TV series!
They even have two walls dedicated to paper cups the customers  have doodled on!
Mimai showed me a paper cup she has doodled on herself :)
Here are what we ate:

Seriously the biggest serving of halo halo I've eaten!
Aside from the usual Pinoy dessert we're used to though, Noriter Cafe's halo halo is filled with fruits.
Aside from milk and crushed ice, ingredients include bananas, watermelons, kiwi, pineapples, peaches, cherries, nata de coco, grapes, mangoes, red beans, and corn flakes topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup :)
Mai also ordered Honey Bread.
It's home-baked bread topped with whipped cream, drizzled  with caramel syrup, and sprinkled with cinnamon.
Yummmm. Tastes as good as it smells!
Loooove this place! If only it's not too far from the office, I would love to bring my friends/ officemates here! ♥
After getting lost in quaint Korea (LOL that's my secret nickname for Noriter Cafe), Mimai brought me to The Collective in Malugay Street, Makati City. Too bad most of the shops were closed, but we still had a ball checking out the shops that were open. It was amazing how the shops look like the shops in Cubao X! They were all unique, eclectic, and not at all like the shops we are accustomed to seeing in malls.

Just like this shop, Yadu. It is very cozy and homey inside.
They sell bags and purses made of quilted fabrics. Very unique!
I also love that they are environment friendly; they do not use plastic bags for purchases.
Their shop looks like an art studio. Fellow April celebrator Meream and her boyfriend Uzi will love it here :)
Mimai and I parted ways at around 4:30PM. Too bad, we still have lots of stories to tell each other! But then again, that's another reason to set another date again, yes? Hopefully next time I'll be the one to introduce you to a place you've never been to! :)

My loot for the day:

From National Bookstore at Vito Cruz while waiting for Mimai.
Sex and the City (The Movie) book and hot pink/ black animal print notebook.
I just realized the colors matched, I swear it was completely unintentional!
You won't believe this, but the full color, hardbound Sex and the City book with glossy pages was being sold for only P235! Being very interested in books AND movies, I love books that tell how a movie was made. I have several books like this already (Batman Begins, The Da Vinci Code, Dracula, etc.) so this is a wonderful addition to my collection. And get this, because of the on-going sale in all branches of National Bookstore, I got this for only P188! I read it last night, relived the movie, and fell in love with Carrie and the girls all over again ♥

My Yadu wallet
I love the unique design and the pretty fabrics used ♥
Lookie, Mimai gave me a card and a pair of pretty cherry earrings she got from Bangkok ♥
Thank you so much Mimai! I'm so excited for our next afternoon out! Gosh, you make me realize that I've lived in Metro Manila for 25 years already, yet there are still A LOT of nooks and crannies waiting to be explored! 'Til next time! And Meream, it would be all kinds of amazing if you can come with us! Please wait for Mr. Postman to come knocking at your door one of these days ♥

This is what I wore ^^,
Top - Penshoppe | Shorts - 168 | Bag - e.g.g. | Ballerina flats - Ylla
Tomorrow is the last day of my two weeks vacation from work! I'll be spending the day cleaning my apartment as I haven't been there since the first week of April. Time to step back to yuppie-reality; an independent girl's gotta do what an independent girl's gotta do -___-

PS: Read Mimai's post about our birthdate here. She takes really beautiful photos!

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