Happy payday Friday!

16 April 2011

I could really get used to this - you know, enjoying my two weeks vacation and maximizing it the best way I possibly can, and then checking my online payslip to see my account credited with my salary. Yayyy for payday Friday! ♥

I spent the day by withdrawing my salary and dropping by at the bank to deposit into my savings account and pay my credit card bill, Internet bill, and phone bill. Just like a real adult. And because my friend Karlo asked me to meet him so he can give me his belated birthday gift, I went to Greenbelt to meet him and Ed for dinner. 

My summer payday Friday outfit
Top - Candie's | Shorts - Tutuban Centermall | Red satchel bag - Use it Again | Loafers - Cathryn & Charlz
We were supposed to sing at the videoke booths in Timezone but everything was occupied; we gave up after about twenty minutes of  waiting. It sucks because I have been wanting to sing J.Lo's Waiting for Tonight since the other day, and I don't know why x_x

Anyway, there's nothing a serving of fro-yo can't fix ;D

Here is Karlo's gift to me:

A Victoria Jackson Pocket Palette
He really shouldn't have!
(I actually asked for his iPad but he wouldn't give it to me LOL)
The palette contains four cream eyeshadows and two lipglosses :)
The total damage payday Friday did to me:

I got a pretty, pretty, pretty(!!!!!!) dress from Candie's (I am really starting to fall in love with that clothing brand hee) and a nice top from Penshoppe ♥
Do you know that I bought this pack of Barbie stickers just because it contains the words peace, love and lipgloss (my blog's tagline)? Talk about being an adult XD
And I just want to share: I have had this bracelet for quite a while now. I made it myself using some wires and rainbow-colored plastic beads. I just love how it instantly makes me happy whenever I look at it. Such bright, cheerful colors ♥
That's it! I just wanted to make a light, no-nonsense post for today. I have been super busy these past few days, and will be even busier for the next coming days. I still have tons of writing assignments to do, one of which is for something I haven't announced here yet ♥ I go back to work on Thursday so I'm really making sure I get to enjoy the last remaining days of my freedom ;D

PS: I can't believe I will be watching The Script's concert in less than 24 hours! I've waited too long for this! Will you be going too?

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