The night I became a Bruno Mars fan

11 April 2011

I like Bruno Mars' songs and his collaborations with other artists. After all, who here didn't feel giddy and loved up after hearing "Just the Way You Are" and "Nothing On You"? Plus, he is of Filipino descent, and upholding Pinoy pride dictates I should automatically like him. I don't know why, but I wasn't really a big fan.

All of that changed last Friday night.

Sitting several hundred feet from him, being serenaded by him and watching him do his thing on the stage amidst the excited screams of the thousands of people who were in Araneta Coliseum that night, I became a fan.

I didn't really expect to watch his concert last Friday because when I tried to buy tickets for myself and my friend Ed a month ago, I got a resounding "No tickets available" response from Ticketnet. But since my friends and I were supposed to meet at 2AM on Saturday for our Puerto Galera beach weekend, Ed and I decided to go to Araneta Coliseum to try our luck just the same. Lo and behold! Tickets were still being sold at the venue an hour before the 8PM concert! We bought our tickets, then met our other friend Khel, and went in.

Front acts included MYMP's Juris and Fil-Am actor Michael Copon. After about an hour peppered with hushed tension every time the instrumental background music ends, Bruno Mars took to the stage and gave us more than an hour's worth of electrifying performances!

We bought General Admission tickets only plus we went in after 8PM already, so our seats were not that good, but passable just the same. I loved the way he kept on mentioning how proud he is to be back in his homeland, and the way he dedicated Just the Way You Are to every Filipina in the audience ♥ He has such a great voice, and hearing him sing the aforementioned song live was eleventy thousand times more awesome than hearing or watching it on YouTube! He was also very energetic, and his moves were so infectious! 

Ed, Krissy, Khel
My friend Ed is a BIG Bruno Mars fan, and I know how happy he was that night ♥ This makes me so excited for The Script's concert on Saturday! We'll have better seats there, so yayy! ;D

After the concert, we went to Pizza Hut Bistro in Gateway for a late dinner.

Khel's Chicken Tenders, Ed's Pesto, and my Roast Chicken with mixed veggies
Yummy :)
We hung out at KFC for an hour, then at about 1:30AM took a cab to Buendia to meet our other friends for our Puerto Galera beach weekend, which I'll blog about next ^^,

PS:  My favorite Bruno Mars song is Count On Me, but you HAVE to listen to this. It's his rendition of Katy Perry's California Girls, live! ♥

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