Go Galera!

12 April 2011

Sun, sand, sea. I love summer!

After watching Bruno Mars' concert last Friday night, my friends Ed, Khel and I went to KFC in Buendia where we have agreed to meet our other friends. A little past 2AM, Kenneth, Myk and Jayvee arrived so we went to the terminal where we rode a bus to Batangas Pier.

My fabulous friends Khel, Ed, Myk, Kenneth, and Jayvee
They're all gay :)
After about an hour of in the ferry, we finally reached Puerto Galera at around 7AM.

The landlady of our lodge welcomed us and led us to our rooms. We settled in for a bit, organized our stuff, then went outside. The place was bustling with activities: vendors offering their wares, women offering braids, lots of shops selling souvenirs, henna tattoo shops, and men offering parasailing, banana boat rides and snorkelling. You also won't go hungry here because there are so many restaurants! If you want peace, quiet and serenity, DON'T go to Puerto Galera! ;D

Our first meal at the island: chop suey, pork adobo, grilled liempo, and grilled tilapia.
It was a pretty downcast day; it even rained a bit, but of course we didn't let that stop us from having fun.
Swimming was super refreshing and relaxing!
My LE Havaianas Saks: Trish McEvoy pair ♥
I will forever love the feeling of sand between my toes.
We also had halo-halo and ice cream ♥
Dinner included pork sinigang and chicken kebabs :)
Because I am boring don't like night-outs that much, I went back to my room and watched American Idol reruns after drinking my mango shake while they all stayed and partied until dawn. As expected, I woke up really early the next day while they all slept in. Ed woke up at around 8AM though, so we both went outside for breakfast.

Ed's daingsilog and my choco-banana crepe :)
The rest of the guys finally woke up at around 10AM, so Ed and I went back to the restaurant with them so they can have breakfast.

They all had melon shakes while I had chocolate shake :)
The weather became lots better! Armed with sunblock, Ed, Myk and I managed to take more photos while the rest stayed in their room and nursed hangovers ;p

Myk wanted me to put "Look how my friends are having fun in my company!" as this photo's caption LOL!
We boarded the ferry back to Batangas Pier at 3PM. The journey back was so scary because big waves kept on crashing against us. Being in a small (well, not really) boat for an hour and seeing nothing but water was not a very pleasant experience for me. I never go sick on long journeys, but seeing people around me puking on plastic bags was enough to turn my stomach x_x I kept my eyes closed and leaned on Ed the rest of the journey. I never felt more thankful when we finally reached the pier.

On the bus back to Manila :)
The journey on the bus was much more pleasant, with us cracking jokes and laughing at memorable stories from our beach weekend. We stayed in Puerto Galera for only two days and one night but it certainly felt longer - in a good way. My favorite part would probably be the impromptu fashion show they staged in the room during our siesta period. FUN TIMES! I love my fabulous friends. ♥

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