The Body Shop Philippines: Battle of the Brush!

14 April 2011

Yesterday I attended The Body Shop Philippines National Make-up Competition held at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Manila. I was hesitant at first because I wouldn't know anyone there yet I really wanted to go because it would be my first time to attend such an event. Besides, it would be a really cool learning experience for me.

In the end, I'm glad I came!

The competition pits TBS' eight in-store make-up artists (pre-selected among 45 TBS make-up artists within Metro Manila) with each other to see who is the best in applying make-up to their respective models. Guest judges were renowned make-up artists Cherry Pacheco-Uy, Jo-1 Kapunan, and Bambi Dela Cruz. The winner gets the chance to represent the Philippines and compete with other TBS make-up artists from all over Asia and Australia for The Body Shop Regional Make-up Competition that will be held in Singapore on September 2011. Aside from the honor of representing the country, the winner will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for the 3D-2N stay in Singapore AND shopping money! How cool is that?

Here are some photos:

The competing make-up artists prepared their smudge charts beforehand.
DJs Vince and Tracy of Mellow Touch 94.7's The Wake Up Show hosted the event.
Miss Kay for the opening remarks
I love the quote by TBS Founder Anita Roddick that she shared with us: "When you do things well, do them better."
And the competition begins!
The make-up artists were given 30 minutes to apply base on their model's face, then another 30 minutes for the full face make-up application.
DJ Trinity mixing some beats at the turntable
Fresh graduates Reese & Vica kept the audience entertained with their two acoustic sets, performing three songs for each. They're very talented! I wish I can sing like them ;D
One thing you may not know me is that I am painfully shy around people I don't know. Thankfully Miss Kay introduced me to some members of the publishing industry. Here's a photo with Miss Fe of Bella Luce.
I was left alone again when Miss Fe went home at around 4:30PM. I saw another girl who was also alone, introduced myself, and met a new friend named Theresa :)

There was also a quick Q&A portion...
and a quick fashion show!
I am not good at taking appetizing food photos, but dinner was really good! The buffet served lasagna, garlic bread, chicken, a fruit bar and cheesecake. I only took pineapples from the fruit bar :)
After dinner, the make-up artists gathered again on the stage to know who won.

You could really feel the tension and nervous excitement in the air!
And the winners were announced!
2nd runner up - Michael Mesalucha of TBS Festival Mall
1st runner up - Gil Honrado of TBS Ayala
CHAMPION - Sylvia Navarro of TBS Ermita
Congratulations to the winners! And to Miss Via, good luck and make our country proud! ♥

Some more photos ;)

With DJs Vince and Tracy. They were really nice!
With Miss Billie Liboro-Palabyab. She invited me to this event :)
Fun fact: She was the one who interviewed me for (one of the coolest things I did in college) my Summit Media internship. Understandably, she doesn't remember me anymore because of my new bangs it has been four years already and she has already shifted careers. She said she liked my blog when she saw it so she sent me an invite ♥
With my new friend Theresa :)
Attendees were given specially-made TBS shirts that I wore over my leopard-print dress.
Here's a photo with and without the shirt ♥
Thank you The Body Shop and Miss Billie for inviting me. It was definitely very interesting to learn new make-up techniques by watching the make-up artists in action and by listening to their answers in the Q&A portion. And even though I don't know the contestants personally, it made me really happy when I saw how happy they were while working their magic, all the more after the winners were announced. You could tell they really love what they are doing, and it shows on their "works of art"!

Now it's time to work on my own "work of art". Thank you The Body Shop for these:

The Body Shop LE Brush with Fashion Cosmetic Organiser
TBS Bronzing Powder and Brilliance Powder
I can't wait to try them on and finally learn how to do contouring! ♥

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