Happy days are happy.

04 April 2011

I've been so touched and inspired by all the sweet messages you posted on my giveaway post that it made me want to update my blog as much as I can! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, you don't know how much they meant to me ♥ For those who haven't joined yet, click here! ♥

Yesterday I did a mini photoshoot at the UP Diliman grounds with my friends Mae and Badeth. It was a fun day of posing, lying on the grass, shooting short skits (wherein I played a reluctant beauty queen contestant while Mae played my domineering mother. It was hilarious!), and eating delicious Italian food after. I also shot a quick birthday Vlog (you all know how I vehemently refuse to do so because I don't think I am telegenic at all, but for my 25th birthday I think I am making an exception), let's just hope Mae can upload it as she is having some problems with her Internet connection ;)

I am reserving the photos for another post, but here are some fun shots from yesterday!

Stolen snap of me checking out the photos I took using my digicam, Lady Mirabou.
My pretty, princess-y sandals ♥
It was a lovely day yesterday, the weather agreed with us by not being too hot and humid.
Mae and her ice cream
Badeth making faces
The photographer and director hard at work ♥
Big thanks also to Mae for introducing me to a new restaurant that serves Italian food - Friuli. Located in Maginhawa Street, UP Teacher's Village, it's just 10 minutes away from the office. Aside from the food being super delicious, the prices are so affordable!

Mozzarella Sticks - perfect for cheese lovers!
All Meat Pizza
Beefy Spaghetti
Everything (and a pitcher of iced tea) cost us only P539.00 (approx $12)!!! Seriously, where can you find a restaurant these days that sells pitchers of iced tea for P60? I LOVE IT and will treat my good friends/ officemates here tomorrow ♥

Today is my rest day from work but I still went to the office. My excuse was I wanted to start on making our team's board (that displays our stats, achievers, etc.), but to tell the truth, I will miss the office. I only have to go to work tomorrow and then starting on Wednesday (also my birthday, not that you need any more reminders lol) I will have my TWO WEEKS vacation from work. I will be on core leave from April 6 to 20. I LOVE IT but I feel kinda anxious as well because I need to fill those dates with a lot of activities so that my vacation won't go to waste ;D

Anyway, after work Mich and Frank walked with me to Technohub so I can buy a mic for my computer. I was amused that my good friend Frank and I seemed to have coordinating outfits; a photo was in order.

Yay for teal team!
I'm wearing a top I got from my big Oxygen shopping spree.
Thank you Oxygen! ♥
My pretty friend Mich is going through a bit of a rough time right now but I know she'll bounce back in no time ♥
I love happy days like these. I just have a feeling that things will be even more awesome. I hope the same goes for all of you, too!

Me and my BIG HAIR smile
Have a fantabulous week, everyone!

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