Four years.

23 April 2011

Has it really been that long?


Days go by so fast, I can't believe it has already been a year since I wrote a blog-post about how my friends at the office and I celebrated our third year with HSBC. o_0

I've already told how I ended up working for HSBC countless times, but for the sake of my new readers (thank you!) let me tell you again ♥ After I graduated from college with a Bachelor in Mass Communications degree from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) in 2007, I decided to rest for a while. I managed an online shop but I got bored after a couple of weeks. With a friend, I went to a job fair at St. Francis Square where we lined up for three(!!!) hours (such a sad depiction of the level of unemployment in my country) on April 19. We scored an interview for the next day, went to HSBC's office in Discovery Suites and went home with a job offer on April 20. I had my pre-employment medical exam at Healthway Medical Clinic in SM North EDSA - The Block on April 21, then came fully-prepared for my first day on the job on April 23. Everything just fell into place  ^^,

After a lot of umm, whining on my part before due to the fact that I don't really get to exercise what I have toiled for in college in this job, a number of changes in my work schedule (I experienced everything: 11PM-7AM, 9PM - 6AM, 8PM-5AM, 5PM-2AM, 3PM-12AM, 4PM-1AM, even eleven-hour shifts!), meeting a lot of interesting individuals, several out-of-town trips and pulling all-nighters with my teammates, lots of calories and having one drink too many during countless team-buildings, mini fights and big fights within the team, four annual parties, having our office's location moved from Ortigas, Pasig to Commonwealth, Quezon City, moving to four different apartments, changing housemates and then ending up leaving alone, transferring teams thrice, and experiencing being handled by four different team leaders, I am still here, and I couldn't be happier.

This is my first paycheck.
Receiving it was a very proud moment for me :) 
This was 21 years young, fresh out of college, and zit-free me four years ago :)
More than thousands of photos and 365 days multiplied by four's worth of memories (but only two absences *ehem*) later...

My HSBC VISA debit card linked to our payroll account, which gets credited at 9PM one banking day before the 15th and 30th of every month.
This is 25 years young, eyebag-infested but still zit-free me now :)
Special mention to my tranchemates who are still with the company, the people who have been with me ever since we started working for HSBC: Michelle, Frank, Henry, Ali, Watcher, NiƱo, Mommy Terry, Jam, Dane, Asther, and Ruther. Happy 4th Anniversary of meeting you guys! Thank you for listening to my stories. ♥ Also to the four people whose management I have been under: TL (or should I say MO? Congratulations on your promotion!) Arjay, TL Julius, TL Jimmy, and TL Carlo, thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and sound advice every time I need one. I was able to rely on you even when my concerns were already beyond the scope of your "professional" duties. ♥ And of course, to the different people I met in the office (including our former tranchemates who've already gone and carved different paths away from HSBC) who have touched my life in different ways, thank you. I am glad to have met you. ♥

It's funny how my feelings for my job did a complete turnaround in a matter of months. It really pays to be surrounded by awesome people who make my days in the office super fun, even when even a single call can meet one's stress quota for the week ;D

I really don't know whether I will still be able to write a blog-post for my 5th year with the company (as I don't know if I will still be with HSBC then), but for now I am with the Best Place to Bank and the Best Place to Work, and that is what matters.

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