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13 April 2011

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting."
- Christian Dior

Let me introduce to you a treat for the senses!

Art of Scent is the country’s first luxury stand-alone fragrance store. The store was created with the goal of uplifting the fragrance consumer’s overall shopping experience. The concept behind the store is to instill in the consumer a deeper appreciation of the nuances in choosing the right fragrance that suits them best.

 Art of Scent takes its inspiration from the industry-standard fragrance wheel composed of 4 major sections: fresh, woody, floral, oriental. As such, the store itself has 4 sections displaying fragrance brands based on which fragrance family it belongs to.  The brands and references in these 4 sections will be rotated on a monthly basis in order to refresh the fragrance consumer’s visual and olfactory palettes.
Yesterday I attended an intimate event held at Art of Scent's flagship store located at the ground floor of Newport Mall in Resorts World. We were given the chance to look around and sample the wide range of perfumes available. I must say, I loved how they organized the perfumes into four different sections according to "scent family" because it is easier to know which ones match your preferences. For me personally, I like fresh scents best so I lingered in that section more.

I was hesitant to go around at first because I am such a clumsy girl and I was afraid to break anything ;D But really, seeing these beautiful bottles, who could resist? I know Ejannz will like these:

There were also jars of coffee beans scattered around to help "neutralize" your sense of smell after sniffing the different scents.
It was also great to be with friends and meet new people!

My good friend/ officemate Mich checking out the perfumes on display.
Me with my blog girl friends Vern, Efril and Ava
It was also my first time to meet Miss Phoebe!
She's so nice and cool and pretty!
I didn't get the chance to have a consultation with the Art of Scent's shop assistants because I was so engrossed with chatting with Miss Phoebe, but Mich told me they were very helpful and it was very obvious they really know what they were talking about! Unlike shop assistants in fragrance sections in malls and department stores who size you up from head to foot before rudely spraying perfume on you without you asking after you have "passed" their test (yeah, that has happened to me a lot of times already), Art of Scent's employees really take the time to get to know their clients and their preferences. For example, Mich told Miss Rose of Art of Scent that she prefers fresh scents. Miss Rose then answered her questions, gave suggestions, and even gave her strips of paper containing spritzes of Lacoste Touch of Pink, Hugo Boss for Women, and Incanto Ferragamo.

Mother's Day is coming soon! Why not make your moms feel extra special by bringing her to Art of Scent? On May 6 - 8, Art of Scent rolls out the red carpet in honor of mothers. Aside from discounts of up to 15%, all moms receive a special gift with every perfume purchase. Guests will also be treated to an endless supply of fine chocolates and champagne, ensuring a pampered shopping experience! For our moms, Art of Scent suggests Tous' Tous Touch which is a fresh floral scent with top notes of lotus, freesia and lily of the valley blended with heart notes of white flowers and jasmine, with a dry down of vanilla flowers, almond and raspberry. Or, you can go all out and be extravagant with Swarovski's Aura. It has notes of lychee, rose, tuberose, pink pepper, amber, benzoin and white musk. Plus, it is housed in a cylindrical bottle crafted in a combination of glass and metal, topped with a sprinkling of asymmetrical Swarovski crystals! It'll definitely be exquisite!

Thank you Art of Scent, Miss Jenny, Miss Celine, and Gerick of ARC Marketing and Public Relations Consultancy for the invite and the gift. It was really a pleasant experience ♥

The 100ml bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea couldn't have come at a better time! Look, my 30ml  bottle is almost running out. :)
Have you chosen your summer scents yet? Visit Art of Scent now at the ground floor of Newport Mall in Resorts World. There are also talks of opening two new branches soon so that's something to look forward to.

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