Oxygen X STATUS Magazine: Who wants to go to Fashion Week?

16 April 2011

This is a scheduled post. By the time this gets published I'll be in Seat E1 in the Upper Box A section of Araneta Coliseum, maybe almost hyperventilating with the excitement of seeing The Script perform live! As of this writing, I only have to endure less than 12 hours of waiting! Forgive me for being a rabid fan-girl; it's just that I really love them and their songs. And yes, maybe I'm channelling to them my frustration and regret of not being able to see Hoobastank, Owl City, and Incubus when they went here. So yes, I'll be in Araneta Coliseum later, screaming my heart out with my friends Mich and Jonas and the rest of the thousands of fans who will see the concert later ♥

Anyway, I just have a quick announcement (which is actually the real purpose of this post before I got sidetracked heh).

Who wants to go to Fashion Week? I know I do! Do you know that you can easily bag the chance to go, plus have an even cooler role than just be a mere spectator? You can do that by becoming Oxygen and STATUS Magazine's fashion correspondent for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011!

Here is the promotional poster:

It's so easy to join! Hurry up guys, you only have until April 20 to submit your entries! I'm sure it will be one helluvan experience! Visit Oxygen's and STATUS Magazine's Facebook pages now! ♥

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