The day I picked sunshines with Mai

25 August 2010

Even the bleakest of days and the darkest of clouds cannot break the resiliency of the Filipino spirit. My Facebook wall was awash with a rollercoaster of emotions that ranged from disgust and sadness over the hostage-taking the other day to happiness over our very own Venus Raj making it to the Top 5 of Miss Universe yesterday, to surprise over the "major, major" answer she gave, and to pride again after bagging the 4th Runner-up spot among 83 contestants. While my other contacts were posting basically the same messages throughout the day, my own profile wall was peppered with my excitement over the worldwide release of Mockingjay (third and last in the The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins) today. I finished reading Catching Fire earlier (391 pages in less than two days!) and I am so glad I did not read it months ago when my friend recommended it to me, or else I would have been frothing in the mouth already because of excitement :D Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger that I didn't have a choice but to carry on reading. The last words in the second book brought the most suspense that I caught my breath and gasped loudly, and I can't wait to get my copy tomorrow!

Anyway, in the last couple of posts I told you about my first (of many, I hope!) meet-up with my new blogfriend Mai. I almost didn't get a chance to meet her in this big, big cyberworld! I only found out about her blog when she left a message in my cbox on August 3. I checked out her blog, loved her posts, and left a message. Then and there we became friends! She said she has been reading my blog for quite a while now. Thank you Mai for leaving that message that led us to meet! :)

We were actually supposed to meet with Meream but because of unforeseen circumstances she was not able to come anymore. A missed opportunity, but I hope I will get to meet you someday when you come back to Manila or when I (hopefully) visit Cebu, Meream!

Our original plan was to visit thrift shops as I've never gone thrift shopping before and would really love to try it because of all the pretty stuff I see from people posting their hauls online. Mai and I met at Gateway and from there walked to the ukay-ukay shops along Cubao. Almost an hour of rifling through stuff and I was able to score only three items. We then walked to Cubao Expo. I am a tourist in my own city! It was also my first time to go there and I was awed, it was like a completely different world out there! The compound is lined with shops selling antiques, artsy-fartsy stuff, vintage cameras, paintings, and other knick-knacks not found in typical malls. It was a total artists' hub with an air of charm and rustic vibe to it. Too bad I was not able to take photos of the place as it was raining, but that's a reason to go back there, yes?

Some photos!

She is so cute and charming and adorable!
I couldn't compete with her in cuteness, really :D
We ate at Singapore Chicken Rice in Cubao.
This makes me so excited for my Singapore trip which is exactly two months away! :D
Thrifted! This is love at first sight. I can already imagine myself wearing it with my oxford pumps :)
Thrifted! This is for casual days at the mall. I'd pair it with my beige loafers :)
Thrifted! The moment I saw this I knew I would give it to my good friend/ officemate Mich. She loved it :)
I spent only P270 for all three. Not bad for a first-timer, eh? I would love to go and try my luck in other stores, but I guess those can wait. After our Singapore trip, maybe?

Besides, this pair has lingered in my mind for days:

I saw this in Waltermart last Saturday. It was Gibi's moving-out sale but this pair was too expensive even with the 10% discount. It's so pretty though. And comfortable. I tried it on three times before (my broken heart and) I left the shop with Marsha.
Oh books and shoes and clothes and other pretty thingamajigs, why must you torment me so?

Again, thank you Mai for walking me through my first ukay experience! It was really fun to talk to you about lots of stuff and find out about our similarities LOL. You are the first person I met who doesn't use condiments or any kind of sauce when eating, just like me! :D Let's meet up again soon, mmmkay?

Btw, noticed the new layout? I got bored with the other one and had too much time in my hands today hee. What do you think? :)

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