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12 November 2010

Aaand this is prolly the last post I'll be making about my Singapore trip :)

Whenever I am going somewhere wherein I would be required to bring extra clothes, I always make sure to create - aside from a list of travel essentials like I don't know, camera charger - an Outfit Map. This map serves as a planner of all the outfits - including accessories, bags and shoes, even undies - I would have to bring. You may think it is cumbersome, but it actually makes packing so much easier for me. Because of my Outfit Map, I am able to visualize which pieces go together and which clothes would be more appropriate for the things I am scheduled to do.

Packing for a few days' trip is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider like weather, places you'll visit and whether you'd have to follow a certain dress code, and of course, maximum weight limit for luggages. When we went to Singapore, it was raining in Manila almost everyday so I was scared our vacation would be spoiled by the weather. Thankfully, God heard our prayers for sunshines. It is never good to visit tourist attractions while slushing in the rain and lugging umbrellas, you know?

For this specific trip I decided against wearing jeans as I know the temperature is almost the same (the only difference is they do not have smog there). I also did not bring bulky outfits to make room in my luggage for shopping hauls other stuff. This means lots of dresses and skirts. Here are my key outfits:

Light and breezy at the Marina Bay Sands
Pink jacket : NEXT Jeans
White lacy dress : thrifted
White chainlink bag : Tutuban Centermall
Slippers : Robinsons Department Store
Sweet and playful at Sentosa
Floral romper : Tutuban Centermall
Bag : borrowed from my friend Mich
Slippers : Robinsons Department Store
Comfy and relaxed at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Purple striped top : Penshoppe
Denim skirt : thrifted
Bangle : YRYS
Ballet flats : Tutuban Centermall
Girly and laidback back in Sentosa
Babydoll  dress : thrifted
Necklace : gift from Meream
Black bag : Cotton On
Ballet flats : Tutuban Centermall
Gypsy fairy shopping around the city
White button-down tank top : Tutuban Centermall
Brown beaded skirt : thrifted
Rust orange sling bag : Singapore nightmarket from five years ago
Necklace : The Black Sheep
Slippers : Robinsons Department Store
My favorites are the floral romper and the long brown beaded maxi skirt. I was already wearing the pewter ballet flats on the flight to and from Singapore and the only other footwear I brought in my luggage was the brown slippers. So you see, the Outfit Map helped me to make the most out of the limited pieces I brought. Visualizing firsthand stopped me from bringing unneccessary items - like that pretty lace skirt I got the week before I left. It was pretty, yes, but not suitable for exploring the city.

That's it! I hope I helped you with some tips when it comes to packing although if you're not too fussy with clothes like me I'm sure it wouldn't exactly be a problem for you hee. Now I'm excited to prepare my Outfit Map for my trip to Cebu next year ;)

PS: I've been featured in Anagon's November 2010 newsletter! Thank you Ana, I am so flattered :) Please click here for the mini QandA we did ♥

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