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... who has the awesomest friends!

Last month I was invited by my very good friend Ed (who works for a PR firm) to a lunch date sponsored by Century Bangus to launch one of their newest products. Guess who I was supposed to have the lunch date with? I was one of the invited bloggers to (gasp!) interview Piolo Pascual!

For my non-Filipino readers, Piolo Pascual is one of our country's most skilled actors. He's also very handsome and looks fresh and neat all the time :D

The lunch date was scheduled: June 3, Thursday, 12 noon. I had a dilemma as my work schedule is from 5am - 2pm, but I thought I can just apply for undertime. I was told not to get my hopes up as a minimum of seven working days to file the request is required and I was already too late but I still crossed my fingers that my request would be approved. Needless to say I went to work that day feeling buoyed up. I asked for the response, and my buoyant self went : poof : My request was not approved. I felt so sad about the missed opportunity of added publicity for my blog but thought there is nothing I can do about it anymore. I sent Ed a text about our Ops Desk's decision and I'm happy he understood and hoped for another chance for me, next time.

Next day Friday, Ed sent me a text at lunchtime asking if I was online, and I said no as I was about to go out for lunch. During my last break I checked my email and saw he tagged me in one of his Facebook photos. I checked the link, and gasped audibly out of pleasant surprise!

Hello there, Mr. P!

Even though he is not exactly one of my celebrity crushes, I still felt so giddy because of this photo. This made my week! :D

And now, here's my netbook Lady Fabrize's wallpaper:

Oh, hello there gorgeousss!

This is a collage of Filipino celebrities Gerald Anderson, Enchong Dee and Piolo Pascual, all saying hi to me! :D

You're welcome, ladies! :D


donnarence said…
OMG!!! hahaha... but i <3 sam and john lloyd of all male celebs
ChinkyGirLMeL said…
OMG! I envy you right now! =)
:O hotties are all for Krissy! Hahahaha...
RicAdeMus said…
Wow!!! That is so cool--maybe someday you can print the photo and get him to sign it. =)

I'm surprised your company didn't approve the request for such a special circumstance. It's not like you just wanted to go shopping or something. But it turned out pretty well.

About the aswang, I always thought stories about the supernatural were interesting. Can't remember when I first read about it.

You deserve more than the inside voice award!!! =)
Johana Hill said…
Oh my! That Piolo guy is so handsome!!! You're indeed lucky!!
That is AWESOME!! Han he is super cute. What a nice thing to do, my mind of celebrity!

And if doesn't say pink blogger I don't know what will!!
...crickette... said…
i haven't seen piolo ever... but if he'd give me a "hi crickette" photo... i think that'd be enough. i also want a sam milby one and your enchong dee is awesome too!

one thing u need to know about me... im star crazy (bf laughs about this all the time). at gold's my jaw drops pa rin when i see handsome celebrities walk in front of me... kakahiya!

im so jealous!!!!!!
The Demigoddess said…
You just made the list, sister! I envy you so much. Huhuhu. You are indeed lucky.
i'm pretty convinced that there are more to come, bebe :) cuz you're totally worth it!
Pop Champagne said…
ohh that is SO COOL! omg I would die in a giggle attack if one of my minor celebrity crushes holds a sign like that, LUCKY YOU!!
OMG! i do not know the other two, only piolo pascual. however, they all look handsome and yummy! haha.
Leah said…
I love this post Krissy... those pics made me green with envy. xoxo
Buky said…
He's cute!
Kym said…
gahhhh! so jealous! i LOVE piolo.. grabe ang gawpo talaga! hahaha! too bad you weren't able to do the interview :( but like you said, you are so blessed with thoughtful friends!
Meream said…
Haha these photos make me kilig. A bit. :D
MKL said…
The guy is handsome, lucky you Krissy :P One day you might even get a photo like this from... *drumrolls me! Hehe..
Nashe^ said…
You're right, he is so yummy!!
Nikolett said…
Ooo, he is good-looking! Lucky, lucky you getting all these hot looking Filipino celebrities saying HI to youuuu! You need to get Sam Milby next, me and my friends <3 him haha.
amynaree said…
wow that's so awesome, and the boys are so cute!
betz said…
OMG! how cool is that?! si papa P?! inggit ako krissy!


PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit this blog too (and feel free to follow!) :)
coffretgorge said…
OMG enchong dee! i love enchong he's so cute! hahaha! lurvey would always laugh at me whenever i see a billboard of enchong and gush like a schoolgirl bwahaha!

about the vivi scans, isnt it pretty? honestly, i like vivi more than preview or any other local magazine (if only i could understand the text!) :)
JaiMie said…
Omg that guy is hottttttttttt! :D

Blog hopping from ChinkyMel's! Nice bloggg!! <3