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Win Laser Hair Removal and TCA peel Treatments!

The spirit of Christmas is in the air, and with it comes a host of generous bloggers all sponsoring different giveaways! :D

One of these is herroyalbleakness who wants you to win a laser hair removal or TCA peel treatment! Perfect for all those party dresses ;)

Contest ends tomorrow, December 6 at 10 PM. Click on the image for more details  ;)

Want a little bit more? Click here for a little Christmas cheer from me! :)


Toothfairy said…
need this, too bad I'm here! hahaha

Ahahgshene said…
hair removal? whoa. they have those are giveaways?! LOL
Andhari said…
Awesome giveaway! Ladies gotta know how to groom!:)
rusty said…
I agree with what you said on your article because I have been trying laser hair removal as well. Thanks for posting this article because this is really helpful with my research at school. Nice article! very informative. Thanks a lot.
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Tomjeffy said…
It is only normal that the face turns slightly red after the chemical has been applied – this means that the TCA is already working its purpose.

tca peel

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